Increasing Critical Thinking in the Workplace

Topics: Critical thinking, Thought, Problem solving Pages: 3 (668 words) Published: June 20, 2011
Critical Thinking
Alissa Baron
June 5, 2011
Sonya Ryals

Critical Thinking
Critical thinking is the art of thinking about thinking while thinking in order to make thinking better. It involves three interwoven phases: it analyzes thinking, it evaluates thinking, it improves thinking (Paul & Elder, 2006).

Critical thinking is most important within the work space when dealing with problems within the workspace. When using critical thinking skills, a person can rationally deal with situations rather than react because of emotions. When a person can analyze and identify a problem, he can form a sound solution. Whereas most people react due to their personal beliefs, critical thinking involves analyzing and evaluating ones thoughts. When practiced within the workplace, mistakes are not made as often and problems have clear and concise solutions at hand.

With today’s tough economy, the success of most companies is a result of its organizations critical thinkers. Those who can make the right decisions, and anticipate trends are the ones who succeed in business. The failures of AIG, Lehman Brothers, and General Motors are very public and painful reminders of what happens when people make poor decisions and management fails to consider all of the facets and implications of a decision. Organizations that attract, retain, and develop the best critical thinkers have a huge competitive advantage (Harris,).

With constant changing and evolving work environments, organizations cannot exist or succeed without their employees using creative thinking. Employees are taught to evaluate information through critical thinking.

In an advertising firm, there is always a project manager. The project manager’s role includes gathering estimates for clients, creating timelines, and delegating work to the creative...
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