Business Plan- Tourism Industry

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AKNOWLEDGEMENT May ALLAH bless us with such kind of dedicated teacher in future. Thanks to Sir____________, under his dynamic guidance we are able to express our-self. And we are now at the stage to complete our project. And finally we are thankful that He cooperated with us. All the work we have done is due to the skill we required from you. We have tried our best to provide you the precise data and facts. We hope you will surely feel a difference and will appreciate. Only your appreciation is our reward.

1 Executive Summary
* Potential Market
* Competitive Strategy
* Product
* Pricing Strategy
* Promotion
* The Management Team

2 Business Description
* Assurance for Return

3 Marketing Strategy

4 Competitive Analyzes
* Insight Understanding

5 Design and Development Plan
* Prodcut
* Market
* Organization Training and Development

6 Operation and Management Plan
Company Name:Mentor Minds Tours
Nature of Business:Services (industrial tours, trips, business consultancy) Address:shop # 35, abc plaza, sector F-7/2, Blue Aria, Islamabad.

” Mentor Minds Tours”, a recreational tourism company will provide opportunities to business & management students, potential entrepreneur, & potential investors to mentor their minds for different business opportunities & to broaden their vision for the possibilities of world. Our company will initially focus on passive recreational business activities not requiring specific knowledge or physical training. In a subsequent stage, other service offerings will require minimum learning for independent individual practice. Business lines will be managed using the scheme below: Potential Market

Market penetration in the initial stage will rely on the INDUSTRIAL TRIPS promoted as seizing business environment conditions. Initially target market is restricted to “NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF MODERN LANGUAGES” (NUML). 95% clients belong to the “The department of management sciences”. Potential clients, belong to the middle income levels a total of approximately 35-45 persons. The percentage was determined on the basis of initial “Mentor Minds” installed capacity, itself subject to projected initial investment constraints. Competitive Strategy

Generally based on a differentiated product approach, our strategy places a premium on quality and coverage. It provides clients with required complementary services to give them added comfort and security at the site. For market positioning, our efforts will focus on quality of business exposure. Mentor mind’s closest competitors are isolated and irregular short limited trips services to the clients with in “NUML”.

 We are initially providing only short industrial visiting services in which Travelers come into close contact with practicality of business & industrialism, appreciate the industrial environment and enhance their visionary exposure. We will develop this line of business in business consultancy & business training programs. Pricing Strategy

Based on market research findings, we have set the price at Pak Rs.1000 including all stages from departure to returning point. Circuit service pricing will depend on specific circuits chosen by clients. Promotion

A promotion plan through newspaper, the Internet and three-fold brochures is detailed in the enclosed advertising campaign. The plan's goal is to create awareness of the company and the services while luring clients through aggressive sales promotions. The Management Team

Four MBA experts will contribute their managerial skills. Mr. Husnain zulfiqar is an experienced operations design and implementation professional for service companies. Mr. ___A___ has experience as a marketing...
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