Business Plan

Topics: Inflation, Economics, Economic growth Pages: 10 (2833 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Operational Strategy2
Environmental Audit in Existing Markets3
PESTEL - Italy3
Porter 5 Forces – Italy6
Porter 5 Forces – China7
Porter 5 Forces - UK7
Product Life Cycle8
SWOT Analysis8
Internationalization - Pakistan9
PESTEL – Pakistan9
Porter’s 5 Forces – Pakistani Market10
Entry Strategies for Pakistan12

Boffi is a renowned high end luxury furniture manufacturing company with a diverse product range. Having its origin in Italy, it was founded in 1934 by Piero Boffi. Boffi has been operating for the past 70 years with its presence in countries such as Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Saudia Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, USA, UK and Venezuela to name a few. Analyzing the list of countries, we can see that it has a wide spread network covering majority of the countries and having presence in all the continents as well. Boffi’s competitive advantage is producing innovative designs with a target on the niche of the market it operates in. It has a focus in production of luxury kitchens and bathrooms. Boffi decided to enter the market of bathrooms and kitchens in the nineties. Boffi’s objective is to brand its product in such a way that it gives a personalized and customized experience to its high end and upper class customer; with a prime focus on creating a reference brand which its customers aspire to own with a feel of luxury and exclusivity. They want to be there for their customers in order to be the prime living solution providers. Giulio Confalonier has had a lot of contribution towards building Boffi’s corporate identity. He held the company in achieving this identity through innovative, classic and fresh designs which enabled it to stand out from its competitors and to become a market leader. Operational Strategy

Boffi’s operational strategy internationally has been focused on acquisition of high end or niche furniture stores in the host country to project its company image appropriately, and also via cross selling by creating strong relations with existing furniture retailers which translates a similar brand image as Boffi or cater to the same target market as Boffi. .

Environmental Audit in Existing Markets
According to the three countries analyzed in the case study – Italy, China and UK, the external environment audit is done as follows: PESTEL - Italy
Political Environment
Italy is a part of the European Union and enjoys the benefits which come with being part of EU. It has government support when it comes to growth and sustainability. The government has policies favorable for all industries operating under its umbrella head especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Apart from this, the political conditions are stable which supports the smooth operations of most industries that exist. Economic Environment

The Italian economy has seen its fair share of instability and crisis, however when we analyze the rate of Inflation and the economic growth, we see that inflation was highest during 2012, however towards the end of 2012 and in early 2013, the inflation rate has decreased. The economy is going stable with regards to GDP growth rate, especially after experiencing a recession in 2008 – 2009. Socio Cultural

With regards to the socio cultural environment, we see that Italy is a developed economy with a significant proportion of the population in the upper class tier of the social class. Technological Environment

Since Italy is a developed economy, e-commerce is on the rise, and people are up to breast with the latest technological advancements such as 3G and 4 G technology, and the mushroom...
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