Bohol Handicrafts

Topics: Skill, Artisan, Crafts Pages: 2 (359 words) Published: July 13, 2011
Bohol is known for its scenic panoramas and lavish resources. In conjunction, its surfacing product manufacturing industry-artisanic handicraft in particular, is earning prominence to both local and foreign patrons.

       Bohol handicrafts entwine both durability and class in constructing the products. Making use of the finest raw materials, Boholano manufacturers consider product quality as its main criterion. Also, Boholano’s creative concepts and adept skills created handicrafts which are distinct for their beauty and vogue. The entire item collection varies from simple elegance to striking sophistication which both exhibits enthralling charisma and style. Each item, from the smallest to the largest in the array, is explicitly designed to highlight its own unique feature.

       Bohol handicrafts are guaranteed to be well-made in order to meet the society’s demands and to justify its respective product genre. The tarsier souvenir items, being one of the fond memorabilia of Bohol escapade, were skillfully fabricated in order to display a close resemblance to the features and charms of the real tarsier. Boxes and containers; aside from being structured with sturdy frameworks, were adorned as well with stylish accents and distinctive enhancements. Decorations, made to furnish and beautify, were finely crafted and embellished to stress out its external appearance. Bags, pouches, wallets and purses, being parts of the society’s get-ups, were intricately fashioned to complement the latest trends. Further exquisite designs were daintily embedded to the structures which highly accentuated their extrinsic features.        

       Aside from being noted for their unique flair, Bohol handicrafts are also known for its refined, superior quality. Having product durability as their paramount concern, Boholano manufacturers aim to maximize product potential to its finest. All of the artistic touches were laced to further project stylish beauty without...
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