How Havaianas Became a Global Brand.

Topics: Marketing, Need, Want Pages: 3 (633 words) Published: May 8, 2013

1) What are the needs and wants associated with Havaianas' marketing strategy?
The first want is to be a basic holiday sandal that everybody has to have . That's why it's important to keep the same price, in this way everybody is able to buy it. Thay also want to be considerate as a sandal which can be wear in all circumstances.

One of needs is to stay the sandal's reference in Brazil but also all over the world. That's why to show celebrities wearing the shoes was relevant. To stay the reference, the marketing strategy needed to increase variety of models. But Havaianas is above all a brazilian brand, and Havaianas is, for lots of people, the brand which represent at best Brazil.

2) What are the company's core brand value?
The company's core brand value is to be considerate as THE BEST brailian's brand. That is to say, when someone come to Brazil he wants to buy havaianas because it is the brazilian reference brand.

3) Which macroenvironment did influence the most on the havaianas' marketing strategy? Explain briefly your answer.
The macroenvironment which influence the most on the havaianas' marketing strategy is the globalization.
In fact, thanks to the globalization, the world gets smaller and there are more and more competidor in every market. For Havaianas, lots of brand wanted to take the dominant place. So the brand had to keep ameliorating its product, that's why they added more colors and launched an advertising compaign showing celebrities wearing the shoes. They had to stay the leader and for it, they had to continue to innovate all the time.

4) Considering the new positioning of the company, how can you describe its consumers' characteristics? (cultural, social and personal characteristics).
Alpargatas' management decided to re-position the brand as a fashion item : Havaianas has become a luxury brand.
We can say consumers of havaianas can be almost all the population except the...
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