Business Plan

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1.1Company description
Marsian is a full-service gentleman's beauty salon dedicated to consistently providing world class men's grooming services to our clients, high quality products while furnishing an enjoyable relaxing atmosphere at an acceptable price and value relationship. Name of the company: Marsian

Contact: Elberel, General Director (
Bolorchimeg Boldbaatar, Finance Director ( Operation: Full-service men’s salon
Location: Seoul Street, Near of Naran Department Store, Alfa fitness and gym center
Date of establishment: April, 2010
Date of grand opening: March 01, 2011
The slogan: Marsian - Heaven for Men
The logo:

1.2 Company history
During the study at Raffles College of Commerce and Design, Elberel realized that nowadays men started to care about their beauty, hair styles, body shapes and even nails. Unfortunately, in Mongolia there is no special place for men that they could get these services at the same time. Also Elberel has identified the problem of gender sensitivity when men go to the salon where lot of women is also going. Therefore, Elberel successfully saw the great opportunity to open men’s beauty salon in her area while she was talking with her friend about this idea. Elberel and her friend Bolorchimeg are new entrepreneurs who want to bring something new into the market.

1.3 Mission statement:
Marsian will provide a comfortable and stimulating, old world gentlemen’s club atmosphere in which customers can relax both physically and mentally through wide range of services. Also Marsian will provide a world class service that help clients to escape from stresses of life, rejuvenating their energies and enjoying the camaraderie of their colleagues and friends. 1.4 Vision statement

To become one of the leading beauty salons in Mongolian service industry, further to extend into several branches in other bigger cities such as Erdenet, Darkhan etc. 1.5 The objectives:
Marsian has identified two types of objectives in terms of time frame: * Short term objectives:
-To increase sales substantially by the end of year 2
-To increase the number of customers by at least 20% in a coming year. * Long term objectives:
- To become one of the community destinations to come
- To exceed customers expectations ensuring the clientele return rate of 90% - To increase the sales from year to year at least by 30%
1.6 Services:
Marsian offers high quality masculine and therapeutic services including massages (body/face), manicure, pedicure, hair salon, sauna, spa in upscale environment. * Hair: Hair cut and styling,  dying and highlighting, hair and scalp treatment, hair manicure * Shaves: Traditional straight razor shaves, hot towels, and balm treatment * Nails: Manicures, pedicures

* Waxing Services: Hair Laser Removal, Cream wax
* Massage: Body massage, foot massage, slimming massage, aromatherapy massage * Body scrub
* Facial treatment: massage, acne treatment
* Spa and sauna
* Shoe Shine: Shoe shine service in the waiting room or while services are being performed. * Products:
Shave creams, soap, bath oils, shaving accessories exclusively for men, massage oils, manicure and pedicure supplies, skin care creams and other products will be all supplied by Sarnai center. Sarnai center is a beauty salon, which has partnership with Korean company and receives all products and supplies from Korea. 1.7 Current status:

Marsian is a new concept in Mongolian service industry. Although there are many beauty salons and barber shops in Mongolia, there is no one that provides the complex beauty service for men only. 1.8 Ownership:

Marsian is a privately held partnership company founded by Elberel and Bolorchimeg. Elberel is graduated from Raffles College of Commerce and Design majoring in Business. Bolorchimeg is graduated from Raffles University majoring in Banking and...
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