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Topics: Communication, Management, Organization Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Activity 2: Analyse how businesses are organised (4 Hours)
1 Planning table (25 Minutes)

2 Produce/ annotate an organisational chart that describes the organisational structure for both businesses. (25 Minutes)

Hierarchical/ Subordinates/ Line Managers/ Span of control/ Centralised or Decentalised

3 For London Heathrow Marriott Ltd ONLY describe the functional areas and explain the role each plays in the operation of the business. (45 Minutes) Human resources – Define, Marriott specific examples, explain link to objectives.

Finance, Administration, ICT, Production (Operations), Marketing and sales, Customer Service.

4 For London Heathrow Marriott Ltd only, explain how the different functional areas communicate between themselves and with others outside the business. (45 Minutes)
What is communication? What are the key factors that affect communication? (The recipient, technology, urgency, complexity, feedback) Explain the difference between internal and external communication. Describe the four main methods of communication. (Oral, IT, Written, Visual)

For the following scenarios how would the Marriott communicate and why: a) A change in dress code
b) Organising a business function
c) A change in hotel facilities

5 Explain, with examples, which are the most important forms of communication used by the London Heathrow Marriott and why? (45 minutes) Main form of communication with employees.
Main form of communication with customers.

6 Self evaluation of task, WWW/ EBI for the headings below: (45 Minutes) a. Time management – Did your planning table help?
b. Personal organisation
c. Use of data – Did your research go as planned?
d. Group work
e. How did you present your data and why? WWW/ EBI

7 Produce a bibliography of the sources used: (10 Minutes) Book
Author's last name, first name. Title of book. City: Publisher, Date published. Example: Johnson, Sally. The Age...
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