Topics: Hotel, Party, Function Pages: 5 (1443 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Answer True or False to the following questions :
(a) The banqueting manager is only responsible for functions were food is served : False (b) All hotels have an independent banqueting department : False (c) Not every large hotel has banqueting and conference facilities : True (d) A successful function business in a hotel can contribute to higher room occupancies and restaurant turnover : True (e) Independent function venues always provide catering for the venue : False (f) The function department is one where you can obtain experience by finding casual employment : True (g) The banqueting head waiter will report to the banqueting co-ordinator : True (h) Unskilled casual staff can be employed to work at functions : True (i) Business functions usually have a social aspect to them : True (j) Silver service is always used on formal occasions : False (k) If the diameter of a round table is 2 meters , it could seat 15 people : False (l) At a formal banquet the top table is served before the rest of the guests : True (m) A hot buffet and a cold buffet cannot be served at the same function : False (n) Boardroom style setup can be used for small training groups : True (o) Tradition must be followed at all weddings , whether the couple want it or not : False (p) You need one waiter for every 6 people at the top table of a formal function : True (q) To do outside catering , you must have all your own equipment : False (r) Fried eggs are easy items to do quickly in large quantities : True (s) Lunch menus are usually lighter than dinner menus : True (t) Banqueting staff should avoid speciality and theme functions if possible : True (20)

Explain briefly what room facilities a new hotel , specialising in the function market , would be expected to have. (5) A function room is a room or building for the purpose of hosting a party , banquet , reception or other social event. The hotel must have good audio facilities , service station were the waiters are stationed with equipment , menus etc. Tables and chairs are also needed, stationery in the event of business functions . It must also have a bar , dance floor , wireless internet access, disco and LCD Projector . QUESTION 3

Explain the role of the banqueting co-ordinator in a hotel or function venue and describe the probable reporting relationship to the banqueting manager . (12) Conference and banquet co-ordinators plan all the details of your convention or meeting . They work together with the venue , caterer , speakers , instructors , lodging facilities , travel agents and any other services you may require to ensure your event runs smoothly . Coordinators often work for hotel or convention centres ; they may also work for an independent service. The banqueting co-ordinator must co-ordinate and translate these into an unambiquous plan of action that all staff attending the banquet can understand . He will transmit the wishes of the client to key personnel . These include the head chef , the housekeeper and backroom staff. The banquet co-ordinator must also liase with with the banquet manager at all levels to assure them that the instructions from the client have been clearly understood and will be successfully implemented. Besides booking facilities , some banquet co-ordinators are responsible for promoting and selling their employers services to prospect clients . Banquet co-ordinators should be knowledgeable of food preparation techniques and styles as well as liquor laws and regulations . He also covers all the bases in making sure the event is not lacking any provisions required for smooth operation . Successful banquet co-ordinators will anticipate problems and have back up plans in place as well as people available who can rectify such situation . The banquet manager supervises and control the banquet...
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