Birmingham International Airport

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  • Published : February 1, 2011
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1) Identify some of the micro operations to be found at the airport. For each one :
a) identify the transforming and transformed resources
b) state which is the predominant transformed resource
c) describe the output of each micro operation and say who you think its customers are

MicroOperation| Transformed Process| Transforming Process| Output| Customer| Output| Baggage Handling| Bag| Baggage Handler| Reach Destination| Passenger| Passenger Happy| Ticketing| Ticket| Ticketing Clerk| Correct Ticket Information| Passenger| Passenger Satisfaction| Fuel Loading| Fuel| Fuel Handler| Full the Plane Tank With Fuel| Airlines Staff| Safety Journey| Aircraft Cleaning| Plane| Cleaner| Clean Plane| Passenger and Airlines Staff| Clean Surrounding| Building Maintenance| Building| Maintenance Worker| Nice and Solid Building| Users of That Particular Building| Safe to be Use|

2. Summarize the job of the operations director. What are the main problems/issues he faces in managing the airport?

Managing the airport is the job of operations director. Managing the airport here means, ensuring the smooth operations occur in and also outside the airport. Other than that is, the operations director must oversee his workers work. He must ensure that all of his workers done their work successfully. Ensuring smooth day to day operations also one of the operations director job. Operations director also involve in set up the decision to be taken for long term. The operations director job is about coordination and setting the safety and customer service standards for everyone to adhere to. Another key task is operational planning. Operational planning is about making the operation as efficient as possible by working out how to allocate the best infrastructure to the airlines.

The main problems he faces in managing the airport is, about the decision making. For example, in...
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