Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Victim Pages: 10 (3481 words) Published: February 28, 2013
By Karlo-Paulo Palec Clemente Vanier College 300-300-VA Research Methods Submitted to Jerry Bleton December 10 2012

Bullying is a serious problem in homes, schools and communities. It has not only ruined the lives of victims, but the bullies themselves too. Students all over the world are verbally and physically assaulted by their peers every day. Usually at school, people who are being bullies rip their victim’s self- esteem in half while theirs is extremely high. I believe it is important to understand how bullying and being bullied affect the well-being and adaptive function of youth. My research on bullying will make us understand of why people are bullying the others. So to be able to intervene with bullying, we have to recognize the unique problems of bullies, victims, and bully-victims. Further information needs to be done so that my hypothesis is complete. The main question about bullying is this: What causes people to be bullies ? In my opinion, I believe the reason of why people are being bullies is because they too had been a victim of being bullied as well. The following are the other possible reasons of why people being are being bullies: they are bigger and stronger; they think it is fun and they want to get attention from the others. At the end of my results based on 30 students that I have asked to answer my survey, they believed that the reason of why people are being bullies is because they think it’s fun.

The research that I’ll be doing is about bullying. From my primary year to my third year of high school, I was bullied almost constantly to a point where I was about to get emotional. Because of the fact that I was bullied, it didn’t allow me to make new friends, be sociable and enjoy my primary and high school life. They say that high school supposed to be one of the best five years of your life. But unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to experience it. But this experience of being bullied made a stronger and a better person. My research question about bullying is what causes people to be bullies ? My hypothesis is that the reason of why they become bullies is that they too had been a victim of being bullied as well. But to go in much detail about this research question, I’ve decided of doing a 20 questions survey and interview. For my survey, I’ll be asking a group of 30 students, 15 boys and 15 girls, to answer my 20 questions. This survey will allow me to go see, based on statistics, of what percentage of people bullies and for what main reasons on the men and women perspectives. As for the interview, I’ll be doing a 5 to 10 minutes interview to a person who was bullied and who has been a bully as well. The reason I decided to interview this particular person is that I want to get as much information as possible from someone who had experienced of being bullied and who has been a bully as well. Once I’ve done my survey and interview, I will finally get to see if my hypothesis is correct on the research question: what causes people to be bullies ?

In ‘’ Students ‘’perspectives Of Bullying In Schools’’ ‘’ by Bonni Gourneau, this article explains how bullying has proven to be a major problem in our society. Because of people who are bullying, children of various ages leave schools feeling scared, sad, anxious, and embarrassed. As of result, it will greatly interfered with their ability to learn and enjoy their childhood. The article explains that bullies come from races, gender and cultural backgrounds with different excuses and reasons to engage in such antagonistic behaviors. It also identifies similar traits all bullies have in common to help educators get a better understanding of their actions. Bullies have...
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