Whole-school Bullying Polices

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Victim Pages: 5 (1712 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Why do people believe that bullying will never end? That’s the question that many parents and teachers ask but the real question is, is it really possible that bullying could come to an end? The purpose to this research paper is to argue about were or not bullying could ever end. In the article, “Bullying in school” by Ron Banks, he states that many behaviors to bullying include teasing, taunting, threatening, hitting, and stealing. Isn’t there to many different behaviors for it to completely stop? Banks states that almost all the children that bully have been physically punished and bullying is their own way of thinking they are in control. According to Banks, “…fifteen percent of students are either bullied regularly or initiators of bullying behavior.” The students that bullying are the children that have a need to feel powerful and in control. Most children that bullies are the children that were physically punished and because of the parents actions, the child now believes that striking back physically is the only way to handle their problems. Banks also talks about children that bullies victimize others because they feel bad about themselves and problems they might have at home. Their reason for them to bully is often blamed on the victim for “provoking” them or that it’s the way they learned to act from their parents. Banks also mentions that, “students who are the victims of bullying are typically anxious, insecure, cautious, and suffer low self-esteem…” Most of the victims of bullying are often the children that are close to their parents and are or have a happier childhood because bullies want to take away others happiness away so they could feel superior to the bullied. Another, example that Banks gives is that the children that get bullied often look physically weaker to the bully and the way the victim dresses. The fact that children are judged by the way they appear and dress is the reason why children are bullied and that is why my people do not believe bullying will end. People who believe that a child have to look and dress a certain way to not get bullied many have a reason, but everyone would not all agree on the same solution According to Olweus, “…60% of the students that bully from sixth grade to ninth grade have had at least one criminal conviction by the age of twenty-four. The bullies often maintain their behaviors in adulthood and have a negative influence on their life and any type of relationship.” “Seven percent of American eighth graders stay home from school once a month because of bullying.” stated Olweus. Olweus also states that many of these children suffer depression. How is the world supposed to stop bullying if the depression that a child goes on forever in their mind and in their heart? According to Ron Banks’ article they are intervention programs for bullying. Banks states that they should focus on the entire school community rather than just focusing on the perpetrators and victims alone. In Banks article, “Smith and Sharp emphasize the need to develop whole-school bullying polices, implement curricular measures, improve the school ground environment, and empower students through conflict resolution, peer counseling, and assertiveness training.” Some ways that Olweus thinks that will be a good way to involve interventions in school, class, and individual levels are: an initial questionnaire that can be distributed to students and adults, parental awareness campaign can be conducted during parent-teacher conference, engage students in a series of formal role-playing exercises and related assignments that teach those students directly involved in bullying alternative methods of interaction, and individualize interventions with the bullies and victims, the implementation of cooperative learning activities to reduce social isolation, and increasing adult supervision at key times. In conclusion to...
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