Bullying in the Deaf Community

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Hearing impairment Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: May 7, 2012

We will discuss and review the issue of bullying in the deaf community. How bullying directly affects our special need children. It is tough being a teenager and being harassed by your peers and within the deaf community this type of behavior often goes unnoticed or mention in some cases. At the end of this discussion we can learn what we can do to change people attitude about bullying and prevention of this harmful practice. This discussion will bring to light the issues bullying and victimization bring to the deaf community. A child who is deaf faces unique challenges combined with bulling to the mix; it becomes overwhelming to the student, parents and educators .Since children who are deaf or hard of hearing can occupy a lower social standing among non deaf peers they may lack a support system It doesn’t just affect special need children but our communities and causes a breakdown in the way we communicate with one another ‘Whether it is by saying a line or doing a sign’ we all need to support of children.

Currently in schools across the United States bullying has become a major issue and problem for many communities across county and states lines alike both large and small. It has form a life all it own, we all have dealt with bullying one way or the other from generation to generation. In recent and as years have passed our children have became more aggressive and callous even using the internet to provoke or harass their fellow peers. This often tends to lead to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and death. In the deaf community this problem exists. Bullying is characterized as verbal teasing, physical intimidation, threatening. Along with other forms of verbal and physical aggression special need kids are unique in their own way. The affects are still the same compared to their non deaf peers. In American school in the past fifteen to twenty years this problem had been studied. Researchers in Europe and Australia and Canada...
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