Bullying: the Effects

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, School bullying Pages: 7 (1853 words) Published: April 27, 2008
The different types of bullying and the effects


For my investigation I will be looking into bullying. Bullying is very common in today’s society. It can take place within schools, colleges, and even the workplace. People get bullied for various reasons. These can be because of their race, skin colour, clothing or even no reason at all.

I want to look into this subject in more detail and see the facts and figures and also find out peoples opinions regarding this topic.

Bullying is becoming more and more of an issue not just within schools but also amongst adults. I want to try and find out why people bully and if this is due to how they were brought up and where they live. People from rougher constituencies tend to bully people from more posh and quiet places because they are seen as more vulnerable.

Victims of bullying since a young age can affect them with both short an long term consequences. Victims of bullying are more likely to:

Turn their anger inwards and become depressed
Under-achieve because their self esteem has been knocked •Avoid or cope badly in situations where they meet figures of authority •Become reclusive and eventually lonely
Or even become bullies themselves

This is why I believe this is an issue that needs to be noticed and taken seriously.

From my investigation I want to find out why people bully and what makes them do this and if it’s because of the way they are brought up, their friends or where they live. This will be the aim of my investigation and I will find out using various different methods.


Throughout this investigation I will be researching using computers, books, newspapers and television documentaries to find out more information that will be of relevance to my subject. I will then compare my findings with my own research and see what I can find out. This will be my secondary research method.

I will be making questionnaires to hand out for people to fill in. It will be about bullying and it will help me to find out peoples views and opinions on this topic. All the questionnaires are random so people can answer the question freely.

After all my questionnaires have been filled out I will put the results in the form of a graph and come to a conclusion and try to use these to answer my initial questions on the subject of bullying. I will also be looking at different facts and figures that are related to the subject and compare these and make some kind of conclusion. This will be my primary research.

Ethnical and practical issues raised by my investigation

Although I don’t believe there are any ethnical issues I will consider whether anyone could be harmed by questions or whether questions or observations are suitable.

Practical issues refers to the actual problems I will have carrying out my research. There won’t be much issues but asking people to participate in my questionnaires could become an issue is people are not willing to do it.

My sampling process

For my sample I will be investigating a mixed group of people which are randomly picked. I want to keep my investigation fair and do not want it to be aimed at a particular group of people otherwise my investigation may not be appropriate. All the people will have a mixed range of social characteristics so I can see everyone’s views be it their race, nationality or even their gender.


Bullying is not only just name-calling or abuse but can mean a lot of things. From my questionnaires people see bullying as different things:

Name calling
Being hit or attacked
Being forced to hand over money or possessions
Spreading rumours
Having bag or other items thrown around
Being ignored and left out
Pushing and pulling
Abuse, teasing or name calling because of religion, sexuality or colour

All these are forms of bullying. Bullies may think that what they do is nothing too big but bullying makes people scared and upset....
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