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Maybe it’s one of those days where the meal consists of eggs, bacon and toast. Or maybe you’re running out late and you could only grab a half of a bagel with cream cheese. Or maybe you didn’t have time to eat anything at all. One thing is for sure – breakfast is the most ambivalent meal in college life. Some prefer to skip breakfast all together, while some just grab something small as they walk out the door – is there really anything wrong with that? We’re putting “the most important meal of the day” under the microscope, discovering what it means in the context of a busy college schedule (Palladino, 2012). The importance of breakfast consumption has been researched and analyzed for many years. It has been termed the most important meal of the day based on the extended length of time between an evening meal and the time of breakfast the next day, in which valuable nutrients for the mind and body are not being consumed (Mahoney, Taylor, Kanarek, & Samuel, 2005). In the rush to get up and out the door each morning, for goodness sake, don’t skip breakfast! (Donoghue, 2012) According to Butcher – Powell et all (2003), “Regular breakfast consumption has been indicated as a means of ensuring a better quality diet”. As observed, many students failed to eat breakfast because of so much errand to do in the morning and also for the reason of not being able to wake up early in the morning to prepare for own brekfast
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