Billing System

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In our modern days today, companies need an effective and accurate billing system to be able to assure their revenue of the company. Billing system is a set of manual and computerized billing methods and procedure. It is very complex starting from network elements that generates usage to the billing system. Water billing is a necessary tool to assist small municipalities, utility providers, bookkeepers, operators, managers, and auditors in unifying their water billing services, in order to provide consistent and accurate billing information to clients and service recipients. It is essentially software that processes data and procedures invoices in a given format, facilitating and unifying the billing process. Water billing also consider what company or organizations basic software needs are. Basic points to look for include data entry methods that are both efficient and uncomplicated. Billing system should provide service to the user, and generate invoices of each credit expired, each billing cycle depends on the billing type. It is also designed to provide billing solutions, and facilitate the process for services providers.


System study refers to the entire process that an individual uses to study particular subject. It attempts to accomplish this goal by combining certain study methods with certain study techniques. As a part of our requirements of our subject System Analysis and Design, the BSIT 3rd year students of Bulacan State University Bustos Campus are conducting a system study. We need to conduct a system study with the Pandi Water District. The aim of this is to improve, develop and change manual to computerized system. A water billing system is used to make the task of billing a quick and easy process. It can also handle any concerns or queries that are posed by the consumers more efficiently. It can also enhance employee productivity as they are able to respond to consumer’s questions promptly and confidently.

To summit all up conducting case study was quite, easy, perseverance, patience fits the hardwork thing you should do and order to succeed in doing this company.

Statement of the Problem
General Problem:
How to improve the manual system of Pandi Water District to provide an easier and faster transaction processing and also to develop accurate billing and payment system? Specific Problem:
● How to develop an easier and faster payment using a computerized system?
● How to compute consistent and accurate bill?
● How to make an organized records of customer?

Objective Of The Study
General Objective
The objective of our system is to make a system that helps Pandi Water District billing and payment system faster and more accurate.

Specific Objective
● To provide a consistent and accurate billing computation.
● To develop an easier and faster payment system.
● To make customer record more organize.

Having a computerized water billing and payment system for Pandi Water District will make the billing process faster. It will lessen the work of each employee. The computerized water billing and payment system will make the old manual system a fully computerized system.

This system proposal provides the following:
● It can compute accurate bill.
● It can add and edit consumer record.
● It can save the transaction including payment.
● It can view the client master list.

This proposed billing and payment system of Pandi Water District cannot validate the bill.

The project team used a research method to gather some information and provide them to reliable data that support their study. Interview
The team conducted an interview to collect some information that will help them to draw out the concept of the billing system of their chosen company. Research
The project team used a...
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