Week 1 Discussion 1 Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design 4th Edition

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Why is it important to use systems analysis and design methodologies when building a system? Why not just build the system in whatever way seems to be “quick and easy”? What value is provided by using an “engineering” approach? Also, Give a specific example of an organization (not one listed in the book) that does a good job of this and why. It is important to use systems analysis and design methodologies when building a system to ensure that the correct software is chosen. It also analyzes what specifics that each user is looking for in the system to maintain a consistency, especially when there are regulatory constraints. This helps acquire the correct application software and proper training to the individuals who will utilize the system. Keep in mind that the system software only helps the computer function and the application software helps the end users perform their daily duties. If a system is quickly chosen and implemented without taking the proper steps to ensure that the capabilities will respond to the overall needs of the users and industry standards, then you leave room for system failure and non-conformance. The value of the systems analysis and design depend on the methodologies, techniques, and tools that are utilized to develop a sound working system for the end users. This gives the project a sound understanding of what the users of the system is looking for, planning, organizing, and maintaining future users of the system. Last, it gives a solid view of what types of computer programs to utilize in order to build the system soundly so that it functions to all of the capabilities of the end users. An organization that comes to mind is the Trackwise® that the Quality department utilizes at my job. When my company purchased this software, it could function as is right out of the box or it could be modified to our current manufacturing practices so that Quality could tailor it to their everyday needs. So at this point a systems administrator was...
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