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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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general information
1. How to pay
Costs payments:
You may pay your bills at any Vodafone Service Point (VSP) counter. Payments by cash will ensure immediate crediting of your account.

Payment through the banks:
You may pay bills at any of the Vodafone appointed banks which will be announced from time to time.

Payments by cheque/Payment order:
Cheques should be payable to GHANA Telecommunications Company Limited “Account Payee” only. Please ensure that your account name, account number and phone number are written on the reverse side of your Cheque / Payment Order.

2. Payment period
Payment should be made 21 days of the bill date.

3. Billing period
Customers are billed for a particular billing cycle. Any input not reflected in a particular billing cycle will reflect in subsequent cycle

4. Disconnection
Service will be disconnected if the customer does not pay within 21 days of the bill date. Settlement attempted by presentation of cheques subsequently dishonored will result immediate disconnection.

5. Reconnection
In the event of disconnection, full payment for this account plus reconnection fee will be demanded before restoration of service.

6. Incentives
Vodafone will from time to time give incentives to customers who regularly pay their bills on time.

7. Adjustment
An adjustment will be made whenever necessary in the next billing period.

8. Complaints
To facilitate quick resolution of billing complaints, customers are advised to lodge their complaints’ within 21 days of this bill. Complaints should be lodged with the customer’s respective VSP. If no complaints are received regarding any bill within 21 days of the date of the bill such bill will be correct.

A deposit may be required for a particular type of service.

Cheque details:

Name of bank| Branch| Cheque number | Total amount|
| | | |

Change of billing address
New address:

Office tel. no: 0543 - 800 543
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