Dealing with Complaints

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Describe how to respond to complaints.

Dealing with a complaint

I would follow the step by step list to respond to a complaint effectively and be professional, if a parent arrived in the nursery with a complaint as a practitioner I would establish if this is something I could deal with personally, if it is we could deal with it there and then if not then I would inform the senior member of staff within the room about the situation (depending on how serious the complaint is) (if a serious complaint) I guide them directly to my nursery manager.

Explain the main points of agreed procedures for handling complaints.

It is important that our nursery runs smoothly and that parents and us staff work together in benefit for the children. In event of complaints from either staff or parents every effort will be made to respond quickly and appropriately and the following procedures will be followed.

If any parents consider that they have cause for complaint they should speak to the child’s key person or the nursery manager in the first instance.

When a complain is made to a member of staff, we would have to inform our nursery manager as soon as possible.

If any parents or carers consider that their concerns have not been satisfactory resolved they might want to write a letter to head of operations. Also an acknowledgement of receipt of any written complaint will be made within five working days at the latest.

Written complains will be recorded and dated in the nursery’s complaint book. We all know that parents have the right to make direct contact with office for standards of education (Ofsted) about any complaint made.
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