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acta SATECH 3(2): 158 - 168 (2010)

Implementability and supportability of library management systems: Case s tudy of X-lib library automation system
Osaniyi Lanre
Lead City University Library, PO Box 30678, Ibadan, Nigeria. E mail
The implementability and supportability of X-Lib Library Automation System drawing from the experience of a Nigerian University library was examined in this article. The R 2ISC (risk squared) criteria are used in the analysis. The relevant components identified and analysed to determine the implementability of X -lib include: implementation assistance, vendor’s responsiveness, training, vendor’s background, modifications, quality of the package, documentation, software and technology maturity, while the components that were analysed in supportability include: vendor’s responsiveness, quality of vendor’s service, support functions, modifications, user group and warranty. The result showed 54.4 and 39.3 percentage fits respectively to the implementability and supportability requirements of the University library. The issues responsible for this state of affairs were discussed. Keywords: X lib, implementability, University, Nigeria

Implementability of software package has to do with
the ability to implement a software package easily,
while supportability is the ability of the vendor to
support the package both now and in the future
through modifications, upgrades, maintenance and
related functions. The goal of every library
undertaking automation project is to have a package
that not only meet its current and future requirements
but also a package that is cheap, easy to implement,
modify and is fully supported by the vendor. But, all
these expectations may not come to reality in project.
The interaction of certain all libraries that undertake
automation intervening variables in the software
package may upset expectations and bring about new
realities. Let us imagine a library that is using a
relatively new software package, built on current
technology, and perhaps the package has not been
successfully implemented or widely proven in other
libraries; chances are good that there will be bumps
in the way of implementation of such software as a
result of bugs or other problems. A library using such
package must be prepared to put in additional effort,
expect implement ation delay, be willing to tolerate
and work with the vendor to detect and resolve

unanticipated problems .Libraries in developing
countries like Nigeria are applying information
technology to improve and expand services on an
increasing basis. Successful achievements in library
automation are defined not only by completion of the
installation of the software but also the longer term
deployment and sustainability of the technology and
the resulting services. Implementation is very
different from basic insta llation. Typically,
installation of technology focuses on the limited,
specific technical install, training, and debugging
process. Implementation begins with installation, but
includes longer term broader actions, such as
customizing or modifying the technology for a local
site, training of staff and professionals and
transitional technical support. According to Karetzky
(1998), implementing an automated library system is
a complex task. Tasks that will need attention during
the implementation project usua lly include:

Installation of hardware and software and
becoming familiar with and testing the software
and hardware
Modifications, if required


Osaniyi L., -Implementability and supportability of library…

Training for both library staff and users
Conversion – bringing the library records
(bibliographic, user, circulation) up to par for use
in the system
Roll-out – when you are ready to turn the
package over to the users.

Literature Review
The software...
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