Happiest Moment

Topics: Teacher, School, Human body Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: May 3, 2011
Everyday I wake up feeling grumpy . It 's a brand new day , but I know nothing new will happen . It 's the same old school-house routine and I 've grown tired of it . School can be really boring sometimes . Or maybe most of the time .

One day , in one of our group works in school , an outreach program actually , we were asked to visit a home for street children . The group 's task was to conduct some sort of a peer tutorial session with the street children in subjects like math and science . We were to teach them just the basics --- addition , subtraction , the human body . Stuff like that . In the process , we were also to observe their behavior and how they respond to us . I thought to myself , great . So I 'll spend my whole morning with a bunch of street kids . From what I know , street kids are mostly ill-mannered . What a waste of time , I know I won 't get anything from it anyway . I might even get into a fight with those kids . But still I went to the home just to comply with the school

requirement . I almost dragged my feet when we entered the home . The home supervisor met us at the entrance and led us to a room which she called their play area . When we opened the door , about 20 kids gleefully greeted us , ``Good morning , visitors ' I was surprised , and so were my group mates . I saw and felt the excitement of the children knowing that visitors were arriving in their home . Then they all sat down quietly , eager to listen to whatever we will be teaching them that day .

My group mates and I introduced ourselves to the children and we started with the lessons right away . Good thing my group mates prepared some games that were related to the s we taught to the kids . I had so much fun , I even found myself cheering on the kids during the relay games .

Time passed quickly that morning . Before we knew it , it was already time to go . As we were packing up our things , a kid approached me and said , ``Thank you ' and hugged me tightly . She smiled...
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