Why Maelisa?

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  • Published : February 3, 2012
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MAELISA is based on a 32-bit client/server architecture that runs on Windows operating system. MAELISA is a proven software. Libraries with small & huge collections are using it. MAELISA is customizable and upgraded continuously to meet the technological advances in the field of data storage, retrieval, user interaction and communications. MAELISA is user friendly, menu driven, and highly interactive software. Library assistant can easily operate the system even without prior knowledge in cataloging, circulation etc. Its powerful user interface feature like drag-drop makes its user feel very comfortable. The accompanying off/on-site training and reference manuals ensure smooth transition from the current computerized or manual system to MAELISA. The committed after sales support assures the success of the library computerization. Our company is working to keep the expense of automation as practical as possible. The modular design and implementation allows you to pick and choose MAELISA's components to suit your automation priorities and budget provisions. MAELISA is compliant with standards, including emerging standards. Our company acknowledges the importance of standards like AACR2, MARC and Z39.50, the emerging standard for communication between systems.It is an integrated system consisting of the following ideal library operations: * Acquisition

* Cataloging
* Circulation
* Serials Management
It is designed to ensure power, speed, efficiency and stability to the entire system, assuring you of a faster and efficient service to your library clients. Each module has various functionalities to offer (as enumerated below) which can help you enhance library processes and could help you later on in making policies for the improvement of your library. SYSTEM HIGHLIGHTS

MAELISA is really worth the investment! The things that you are looking for that you can't find in other library software are found...