Memorable Moment

Topics: Sabah, Borneo, Aircraft Pages: 1 (407 words) Published: July 11, 2011
Of course my wedding and the births and arrivals of my children are the most memorable moment in my life. But the most memorable moment that threatened my life was the terrible aircraft crash occurred to me 11 years ago, only a few flashback memories are what is left in my head. It was windy condition at Labuan Island in October 2000. My friend and I was planned to fly 2 aircraft that was Hawk 108/208 to Sandakan and Sipadan Island for Navigation sortie. We took off from Labuan Air Base around 1200 noon, I flown on second aircraft as a wingman and my friend as a first aircraft as known as a leader of our formation. I was enjoying my flight from took off until returned to Labuan Air Base. Our mission as a simulated mission was to destroy the enemy camp at Sipadan Island. After our mission was accomplished successfully, we have flown back to Labuan Air Base without any problem. My leader was safely landed without any problem and he wanting for me to land the aircraft at intersection. During approach to land, I felt uncomfortable due to surface wind at airfield area was a bit high and gusting. My leader was transmitted to me through the radio to inform that the wind was gusting and be cautious for landing. I managed to land the aircraft on the runway however during rolling to stop the aircraft, my aircraft was blown by the wind and course the aircraft skidded and uncontrollable. With that condition, my aircraft was out from the runway and pointed toward the monsoon drain. Aircraft was bloom up about 20 feet above the ground and at that moment I decided to go out from the aircraft together with my ejection seat. I was ejected from the aircraft and tumbling for a few second before the chute was blossomed and made me landed safely about 30 feet from my aircraft without any major injury. After that I managed to walked toward my aircraft and saw the condition of my beloved aircraft, then I thought for a few second, what will be...
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