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1.Look at the writing task below and think about a really happy day in your life. What made it happy? Here are some suggestions: * You met someone special
* You were successful at something (passing an important exam, winning a competition, etc.) * You spent the day with someone special
* You did something really enjoyable.

You have decided to enter a short story competition in an English-language magazine. The competition rules say that the story must begin with these words:I will always remember that day as one of the happiest days of my life.Write your story.| 2. Work in pairs. Take turn to tell each other about your really happy day. When you tell your story, describe: * How you fell about that day now

* Event just before the day
* What happened on the day and why it was so happy
* Some details about people and place.
3. The following answer to the writing task contains ten spelling errors (in addition to the example) which are often made by First Certificate candidates. Find and correct the errors.

I will always remember that day as one of the happiest days of my life. I had been studing studying English in London and I was flying home. Although living in London had been a marvelous experence, it was the summer holidays and I missed my family.The had all been staying at a comfortable hotel in the mountains anh having fun together while I was at school, so I fell a little envious. I knew that when I arrived at the airport I would have to take a long bus journey back home to my town.I got off the airplane and walked through the airport thinking about the rest of the journey I would have to make alone. Imagine my surprise. though, when I walked trough the arrivals gate to find my parents waitting there to meet me! When my mother had kissed me, she told me the exiting news that we were returning to the hotel together for another two weeks holiday because they had missed me as well.For me, that was...
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