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Composition program dept. of english SUNY New Paltz memorandum
to:All composition faculty members
from:Matt Newcomb, Composition Program Coordinator
Joann K. Deiudicibus, Composition Program staff assistant

subject:Fall 2012
date: August 20, 2012

A warm welcome to all writing instructors! We look forward to seeing all of you throughout the semester. Please note the following requirements for the fall in the SUNY New Paltz English Composition Program: 1. Please do not enter any registration overrides for Composition I, Composition II, or Honors English. All add/drops must be done by administrative transfer, for which students must see Joann or Matt in JFT 702.

2. All Composition I, Composition II, and Honors English instructors: please send one electronic copy of your completed syllabus per course to Joann by August 28. The file name should only include the course number, section, and instructor’s initials: ENG160 00 JD.

3. We will follow the usual procedure for assessment of student writing at the beginning of the semester. Give students a diagnostic essay on the first day of class and send any students for possible transfer into SWW, ESL/SWW, or Honors to Matt and Joann with their diagnostic essays, Banner ID, and schedule. There may be some spaces available in SWW and ESL/SWW. Since we have changed the placement instrument, the diagnostic essay serves as the only writing sample we will see from each student, including transfers. Again, it is imperative that you administer the diagnostic on the first day of class; this is not an option.

In Composition I, any student whose writing seems deficient may be transferred to Composition I-Supplemental Writing Workshop (this includes a required extra hour of tutoring and an extra hour of classroom time per week for writing assistance). In Composition II, it is unlikely that students will be transferred to Composition I because they probably have received credit for that course.

Composition I instructors please note that clean copies of the diagnostic and midterm essays are now required for the portfolio. Please write your comments on a separate sheet of paper. You may wish to collect and hold on to these essays, returning them to students when they compile their final portfolios.

4. Please have Composition I students keep folders with all of their work, particularly drafts in preparation for final internal portfolio assessment on Common Final Exam Day (Friday, December 14). For Composition I sections specifically, please review the requirements for Composition I portfolio assessment in the Composition Program Handbook.

5. Please note that the Composition Faculty Development Manual is now posted on Blackboard. To access this publication (which includes a handy A-Z procedural index), go to the Community tab, then content and click on Faculty Development Manual to peruse.

6. We will continue to use the Composition Program Handbook, developed by Rachel Rigolino and the Composition Committee, which contains important information (e.g., placement rubrics, course descriptions, policies, statement regarding effective writing, portfolio information, etc.) about the Composition Program. Please remind students (especially new transfer students) to review this important publication (include it on your syllabi), which will be posted as a PDF online. Joann will email an electronic copy to all faculty and first-year students (as she does not have email lists for transfers; consider emailing or posting this document to your classes via Blackboard). Instructor print copies will be available in September.

7. Because of the mandates for General Education developed by the SUNY Board of Trustees, the following instruction and components are mandatory according to the Composition curriculum:

A. Composition I, Composition II, General Honors English II—Information literacy instruction will be scheduled...
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