Baby Thesis-Computerized Ssc Record Keeping

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This research study entitled “Computerized SSC Record Keeping” was conducted at Romblon State University-Cajidiocan Campus during the 1st Semester of the Academic Year 2011-2012.
This study attempts to design a computerized record keeping helping the Supreme Student Council in record keeping as well as the students as they transact business in the SSC office as they secure the SSC Secretary’s signature. The system provides a fast, accurate and easy way of record keeping and retrieval of information.

The main objective of this study is to design, develop and operate a computerized SSC record keeping.
The proponents made use of the descriptive survey type of research in knowing the perceptions of the students in the traditional way of keeping records as well as their expectations on the features of the proposed system. The researchers made use of questionnaires in data gathering. The experimental method of research was also applied in designing the proposed system.

Further, this study was conducted and the proposed system was designed for the benefits of the Supreme Student Council officers and the students as their clientele.

Chapter I
The Problem and Its Background

The world changes from time to time. And change isn’t bad. People have to cope up with the modernization that is prevalent all over the world. We Filipinos must also be competitive to other races. We have to take part in the competition that is going on out there in the open for us not to be left behind and not to be called “idiots” and ignorant. In order to achieve these, we have to start changing the traditional ways into a more modernized system and it should start in any institution within our society – be it within the family, church, school, government and even in non-government or private organizations.

Today, it is an obvious fact that schools, government and non-government agencies, business establishments and the likes are having a hard time in record keeping and in transaction processing because of lack of knowledge about the effective ways on how to keep records in a more secure and convenient way. Even here in our institution, particularly in the Supreme Student Council Office, we are still using the traditional way of pen and paper record keeping which is very tiring, requires more effort, cannot give full security to record and retrieval of old files is so time consuming.

Given the opportunity to conduct research, the researchers choose to analyze the existing condition regarding the record keeping system of the student council office where in the SSC Secretary and Treasurer were really having a hard time in keeping records and in dealing with students who secure signatures for their examination permits. In the end, the researchers decided to design a computerized Supreme Student Council record keeping.

Through this study, the traditional way of record keeping will be upgraded to a more modernized and computerized system that will cater the needs of the SSC Secretary and Treasurer as well as the students on having an organized and secured files and processing transactions easily, conveniently and more adequately without losing any bit of information and without hassles and without exerting too much effort. Background and Rationale of the Study

This institution had undergone many changes before it acquired its name as Romblon State University –Cajidiocan Campus. Along with this changes are the rise of different school organizations- be it departmental, classroom, or sub-clubs organizations. One of these organizations and was also considered as the highest student organization within our school was the Supreme Student Council. The said council could be considered as the “right hand” of the school administration as far as the studentry is concerned because it is made up of students who were put into office by their fellow students through election.

The Supreme Student Council...
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