Enrollment and Registration System

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Enrollment and Registration System
For organizations that have a very long enrollment or registration process and so many paper documents that can be filled up, an electronic enrollment or registration system will eliminate any human errors in filling up these documents and fast track at the same time ensuring the accuracy of the applicant during the enrollment or registration. Imagine a fast and reliable system that can be beneficial to the applicant and organization


The scope of our study is for the computer laboratory of the said campus. The study will include network connections and how they work. It is focused on the network management used by the IT as a subject for our thesis. The study does not cover any other classrooms or facilities that do not use computer connections. The delimitation of the study is delimiting a study by geographic location, age, sex, population traits, population size, or other similar considerations. Delimitation is used to make study better and more feasible and not just for the interest of the researcher. It also identifies the constraints or weaknesses of your study which are not within the control of the researcher. Sample phrases that expressed the delimitations of the study.


General objective is obviously to help ease the problem in managing records on enrolling old and new students.

We are specifically aimed to introduce to the said school the beauty and functionality on using electronic devices such as computers on helping them to compile and manage records on enrollment season, and to propose the computerized system on handling student’s records to avoid mishandling, redundancy, and to prevent records on getting old and damaged by natural calamities like rains, storms and heat.
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