Online Record Keeping

Topics: Medical history, Gramophone record, Medical record Pages: 2 (318 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Statement of Scope
Automated Medical Record Keeping System
“SMCL Online Clinic Record Keeping”

Problem Description:

Based on observations, Saint Michael’s College of Laguna used manual system in recording medical information about its students. This is the reason why scheduled medical activity and transaction became a tedious process for everyone. Most especially for freshmen students who haven’t fill up their medical form. On the other hand, clinic staff and nurses manually search for the medical record of old students that also took some time. That’s why the researchers decided to work on it, to develop an easy implemented record keeping web tool that will prompt and resolve the problem.

“The SMCL Online Clinic record keeping” will be developed based on the technology available in the school zone. It resembles with the student portal where students can access and monitor their grades online. The system will provide access to all students who are enrolled at Saint Michael’s College of Laguna. The SOCRK has limited data information based on the clinical transaction inside the campus only.

Our team will utilize computer as a medium for clinic staff and nurses in monitoring and updating student’s medical records.

Anticipated Benefits

The main intent is to accomplish all transaction in the school clinic within a short span of time. This will help the students, clinic staff, and nurses. It is accessible anywhere with the aid of the available network connection. With the use of this program, it is assured that all data records are well organized.

System Capabilities

To obtain the benefits mentioned above, the automated medical record keeping system shall feature the following capabilities:

* The system will be able to save and update old and new files. * It can identify, check, and monitor if the student already complete medical requirements. * It can search for the student’s record file easier and faster. * The system is...
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