Moving to an Electronic Health Records

Topics: Electronic health record, Patient, Health care Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: January 29, 2011
Moving to an Electronic Health Records

Lisa Slaton

January 28, 2011

Instructor Cowart

Electronic health records are a health record for patients that are used between different health facilities and agencies. This system is used to improve effectiveness, quality care, and reduce cost (long term). This record of information contains the history of the patient’s visits to the healthcare facility all pertaining to documenting the contact information to patient histories and allergies. The record also contains a listing of medications, billing information, and additional data pertaining to the patient’s visit. The Computerized Physician Order Entry allows the physician to electronically enter patient’s orders and view patients care results. It can detect adverse effects of medical errors and reduce less patient suffering from receiving wrong medications.

Some of the advantages of the electronic health record are to automatically share patient data between different organizations and facilities. It will access multiple transmissions of patient record and improve the quality of patient care and safety. EHR provides a computer program application for decision support systems and multipurpose functioning using an integrated analytic process. The healthcare workers benefit from using this evidence based system. There is disadvantage to EHR system it decrease productivity because it time consuming entering data into the database. Another potential disadvantage is the start up cost which can be expensive. It can be also challenging because most healthcare organization works on a budget and if there no additional revenue available makes it difficult.

The Planning and Analysis phase of EHR is started when programmers and database administrators initiated the information system. It’s basically the blueprint for constructing the initial format. Implementation phase involves testing. The testing required for determining the...
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