Understanding the Patient Intake Process

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  • Published : January 24, 2011
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Understanding the Patient Intake Process
An essential part of the healthcare business is good patient /provider communication. To improve the patient/care-provider communication and the quality of healthcare services a facility could use the technology of the internet. Businesses in insurmountable numbers are using internet to improve their services. In fact the only major industry resisting the use of the worldwide web as we use it in other sectors of the economy today is the healthcare industry (Dixon, 2010). One way to make patient intake more efficient would be to design a website so the patients could log-in to make appointments or to cancel an appointment. The site could also be used by new patients to fill out the necessary patient information that is needed by the healthcare facility. This website would be very beneficial to the healthcare facility as well as the patients, by cutting down on the time spent doing paperwork. While decreasing the paperwork the physician will have more time to spend with the patient to clearly explain what is going on with their body The intake process for patients varies from facility, whether it is an office, hospital or clinic. Unfortunately, the intake process takes longer than the actual time that the patients spend seeing the physician. There are numerous papers that have to be filled out and this information has to be entered into that facilities filing system, this is done either on paper or electronically. One other way to improve on patient intake would be to computerize the patient records Paper patient’s records are proving to be increasingly inadequate to meet the modern information needs of the group practices. Computerizing patient records can improve the physician access to patient information and thereby also improve patient care and the outcomes of the management aspect of the business. By investing in computerized patient records system the healthcare facilities can increase their revenues by saving on...
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