Evolution of Health Care Systems

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Evolution of Health Care Information Systems
Vicki Tate
HCS 533 Health Information Systems
Group# MHAA119AC8
University of Phoenix
Renee Gorby
January 7, 2011

Health Care Information Systems
Health care Information systems have become more prevalent in our current Health Care system than it was twenty years ago. The computer was not used to the extent it is today in regards to patient care, documentation, billing, education, and etc. This paper will go into more detail regarding the comparisons and contrasts of the use of Health Care Information systems in a contemporary physician office versus a physician office twenty years ago. Technological advantages and major events that influence our current HCIS practices will also be included. Comparisons and Contrasts

In the early 1990s, physician offices were mainly using paper-based patient records stored in filing cabinets. These records were locked with limited access to these records. Physicians wrote all their orders and prescriptions. Lab work and radiology reports took several days to receive back and reviewed in paper form. Appointments were written on calendars at the doctor’s office and a card with the date of the appointment was given to the patient as a reminder. Very little information was computerized except for billing purposes in the physician’s office. Since then, computers have become more widely used in the physician’s office from scheduling appointments, reviewing lab work and radiology tests, ordering prescriptions, documentation of the patients visit and education. Billing and processing claims through the computer have also been incorporated in the daily activities in the office. The workflow in both settings are similar, but very little else is. Efficiency and accuracy have increased with the use of the computer because of increased timing by typing, immediate access to test results, prompts that will...
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