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Topics: Exercise, Muscle, Obesity Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Álvaro Delgado Pérez

Revision Without Stress
I’ll never forget the first exam I ever did. I was eight years old and I really wasn´t prepare for it. When I read the questions my heart rate increased as if I was going to explode. My mother always said to me to start revising at least one week before the exam but I was so lazy I usually started revising two days before it, of course, that brought with it very negative consequences at the time of the exam, stress was one of them. . Once I became so nervous I simulate a faint in middle of the exam. After all this experiences I learnt that to prevent stress I had to change my attitude toward exams. I learnt very useful tips to avoid stress during exam periods at University. The most important was to deal with a good organisation; having a good timetable is always very useful to manage properly your studies, this will avoid the accumulation of stress. Doing physical exercise is also very useful to deal with stress, at University I was in the rowing team, the effort I put on every training helped me to eliminate the stress from the body, that also helped me to sleep better, as consequence during the day I felt happier and full of energy to deal better with my studies. Even so, there are many cases and it always depends on the nature of each other. People suggest that to deal with stress you must sleep the correct amount of time, or do exercise or have a good diet, but at the end it depends on the mental strength of the subject, there is people, like me, that even practicing sports or studying periodically get nervous when the time arrives. After all, I will conclude that getting stress does not always have to be bad, I even think it might be a positive signal, because it can mean that although you are prepared the fear of failing, after all the effort you put on it, creates the stress.
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