Advice for the Exams

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Dear Sam,
I was sorry to hear about your problems but don't worry. Here is my advice. First of all you should avoid panic. Exam nerves are natural but panicking will only make things worse and you may not be able to think clearly. If the exams are making you feel worried or depressed, talk to your parents or your teachers. Remember, you're not the only one to feel worried about exams - we've all been there. Everyone reacts in different ways to exams. The next thing you can do is to stay positive and believe in yourself. If you prepare for your exams properly you should do fine. Your teachers have worked hard to make sure you have studied everything you need to for the exam. They believe you can do it and so should you. If you believe in yourself, you will do anything you want. If I were you I would sleep well before exams. Especially on the night before the exam, you have to sleep well for a minimum of 6 hours. This will have a great effect on your exams and you will control your stress. You would also eat and drink well. If you healthily and regularly you will study effectively. Finally, it would would be a good idea to allow yourself time for fun and to relaxation away from where you are studying so that you avoid exhaustion. If you feel you are starting to lose concentration, take a short break. Your mind is probably tired and you will waste time trying to study. The break will mean that you will come back refreshed. If you follow my advice, you will soon feel better. I'm sure everything will go well. Write soon to tell me how you're doing. Waiting for your next e-mail. Best wishes,

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