Are Ghanaian Workers Satisfied with Their Job

Topics: Job satisfaction, Employment, Motivation Pages: 12 (3881 words) Published: January 16, 2013
With the rate of globalization and industrialization witnessed all over the world, there seems to have been an observable increase in the number of different organizations that are springing up to meet different needs. Some of these organizations are in the financial sector, telecommunications, oil and gas and a host of others. One of the many factors that have enhanced the functionality of these organizations has been the individual(s) who work in such organizations (i.e. the employees). Even in organizations where there are more operating machines than human beings, the fact still remains that human beings are needed to operate the machines and direct the affairs of such organizations. Because of the importance of the employees in organizations, their effectiveness may go a long way in determining how well organizations achieve their set goals and objectives. Therefore, it will be pertinent for organizations to pay attention to the well being and satisfaction of their employees in order to increase their (employees’) organizational commitment. It follows therefore, that an effective organization will ensure that its employees are highly committed to their jobs by providing an enabling environment that will enhance employees’ organizational commitment (Adeyinka, Ayeni & Popoola, 2007). Job satisfaction is an important criterion for the success of an organization. It is closely associated with job turn over and life satisfaction. According to Locke (1976), job satisfaction is an emotional reaction that "results from the perception that one's job fulfills or allows the fulfillment of one's important job values, providing and to the degree that those values are congruent with one's needs". Human needs are subjected to constant change but the job values are relatively more stable. Someone who is satisfied with his/her job may not experience the same emotion if there is a change in his/her needs. The relevance of job satisfaction is very crucial to the long-term growth of any educational system around the world. It probably ranks alongside professional knowledge and skills, center competencies, educational resources and strategies as the veritable determinants of educational success and performance. Professional knowledge, skills and center competencies occur when one feels effective in one’s behavior. In other words, professional knowledge, skills and competencies can be seen when one is taking on and mastering challenging tasks directed at educational success and performance (Filak & Sheldon, 2003). The above factors are closely similar to efficacy, and, of course, it is well known that many teachers lose or fail to develop self-efficacy within educational settings (Dweck, 1999). In addition, needs satisfaction to work is very essential in the lives of teachers because they form the fundamental reason for working in life. While almost every teacher works in order to satisfy his or her needs in life, he or she constantly agitates for need satisfaction. Job satisfaction in this context is the ability of the teaching job to meet teachers’ needs and improve their job/teaching performance. 1.1STATEMENT OF THE STUDY

Several researches conducted attempted to link employee attitudes with the results of their efforts. Recent researches have suggested that commitment of employees is an important predictor of employee behaviour and intentions (Lynn Mcfarlane Shore & Harry J. Martin, 1989). Job satisfaction has therefore been established as one of the key predictors to employee commitment. However, in Ghana, not much has been documented on the influence of the institution that deals with workers. The purpose of this study therefore seeks to find out whether Ghanaian workers are satisfied with their job. 1.2OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY

The main objective of the study is to determine whether employees in Ghana are satisfied with their job, whiles the specific objectives include: 1.To...
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