Attrition in Indian Call Centres

Topics: Employment, Management, Business process outsourcing Pages: 5 (1411 words) Published: March 18, 2013
HIGH LEVELS OF ATTRITION IN THE INDIAN INTERNATIONAL CALL CENTRE INDUSTRY- “Generating higher levels of employee commitment in call centres is a critical factor to their successful operation. A high level of employee commitment in an organization can have beneficial consequences, resulting in lower absenteeism, higher performance and lower employee turnover (Mathieu and Zajac, 1990). Research also identifies commitment as a consequence of personal variables, role clarity and supportive working environment. By understanding the antecedents of employee commitment and its importance to an organisation’s growth, managers can more effectively organize and supervise employees.” (David McGuire, Lauren McLaren, (2009) Apart from the above there are myriad other factors; internal and external that influence employees on continuing with their current job or make them want to quit and move onto take up jobs elsewhere but there is also the third category of employees who are unsure of what they want to do when it comes to choosing between leaving or remaining a part of the organization. Past research work by intellectuals in this field clearly states that when employees make up their minds about quitting their jobs, it is more likely than not that they will leave inspite of what course of action the management/supervisors/team leaders take to retain them. From this, it is evident that the strategic and tactical management in any organization, leave alone the call centre industry ought to be well informed about causes of employee turnover and be equipped to deal with the aftermath; or must device a well laid out plan to prevent such a scenario. Instead, with good training and development provided to team leaders and supervisors, including other staff in areas that require improvement; the organization could not only reduce levels of absenteeism, labour turnover, deviant and unethical behaviour but would also be successful in captivating the interests of potential and existing employees. This can be brought about by developing cognizant HR policies, procedures, regulations and implementing them at the right place and time so as to bring about a drastic improvement in levels of motivation, quality of worklife, job satisfaction(closely linked to work performance) employee commitment and engagement. This inturn will have a positive impact on employee morale, self esteem, drive to deliver to the best of one’s capabilities. Hence, raising the quality and amount of individual initiative and effort put in to achieve a certain standard of desired outcome which ultimately helps attain organizational goals, targets and holistic efficiency and effectiveness. Thus completing the cycle, wherein the interdependent entities cause, react with and have an effect on one another; which not only determines an organisation but is also detrimental to how it functions. Having said so, high employee turnover rates are a matter of great concern in the call centre industry in India. Organisations that come under the BPO/ITES sector hugely rely on the workforce they employ, to collectively meet goals that are beneficial from the individual, group and management perspective. In cases of high attrition, the continuity of work flow patterns, synchronicity and methods of working together as a team are disrupted. “Over the last several years, India has grown to take on about a quarter of the global offshore BPO market (KPMG, 2004: 12). The Indian ITES sector earned a revenue of US$8.4 billion in 2006–2007 with an annual growth rate of 33.5% (NASSCOM, 2007). The sector now consists of over 400 companies that employ over half a million workers. With an annual supply of graduates of about 3million and more than half the population below the age of 25, India is said to have the ‘largest pool of offshore talent -accounting for 28% of the total suitable pool available across all offshore destinations.” (Thite...
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