Employee Commitment and Attitude

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Employee Commitment and Attitude
It is vital to understand employee commitment and attitude for it is an important and integral component of any organization which affects the organization’s performance. This commitment and attitude can be influenced by organization human resource policies and practices (Rayton, 2006). Commitment can be influenced by various psychological and work-related factors as such subjective individual behavior, work attitude the organizational human resource policies and practices. Ashkanasy, Wilderom, and Peterson (2000) described the forerunners of commitment as prevailing factors that direct the occurrence and strength of various commitments. Subjectively, employee behavior is shaped by perceptions of the causal reasoning certain events that happen and it is important to understand individual behavioral influences in order to shape employee behavior and, consequently, influence commitment. With the foregoing argument, this paper will attempt to discuss why it is important to understand the concept of employee (organizational) commitment and attitude. Also this paper will discuss the need to understand how employee attitude affects its commitment as influenced by management practices. Objectives

This paper aims to understand the importance of employee commitment and attitude in the business organization. It also aims to find out the various employee attitude that can affect its commitment. Review of Related Literature

Donnelly and Konopaske (2006) consult worker's dedication as the level to which an individual recognizes with a company, is dedicated to its objectives, their level of participation within the company and desires to manage the problem of the company as part and parcel of employee commitment. It is examined by the Latham (20005) that the role of the worker is “(a) to be a part of an ideal association; (b) having the superior action taking on behalf of the association; and (c) a unique explanation , and authorization, the and the destination of the association”. He also adds that “playing role is an internal-set screening contractors showing commitment to their association and is an only path through which commercial coworker explain their matter for the association or company and its gradual accomplishment and welfare”. Konopaske, Ivancevich,and Matteson (2005) work together by revealing that “commitment to a company includes three attitudes: (1) a feeling of recognition with the company's objectives, (2) a sense of participation in business responsibilities, and (3) a sense of commitment to the organization". It is thought by the Swanepoel, Erasmus, Van Wyk, and Schenk (2003) that “the employee's performance in a company's achievements mostly favor on the worker's mutual relationship of the platform to which their own necessities and particular objectives will be filled through their regular perseverance to the development of the organization”. It is discussed by Buchanan and Huczynski (2004) that the perseverance as “of being in which people become handcuffed to their activities and it is situational, through these, to their ethics. Commitment maintains activity in the experience of difficulties”. Forerunners of Employee Commitment

Ashkenazy, Wilderom, and Lewis (2000) consult forerunner of dedication as all the surrounding factors that route the incident and durability of different responsibilities and Hellriegel and Slocum (2004) factor out that “a precursor comes before and is stimulation to behavior”. There is a standpoint which was highlighted by Hornsby in the year of 2005 in the Oxford Thesaurus, where a precursor is seemed as “a meeting or a reason or that returns before another, and may have inflated it”. The great man Forerunner of loyalty said about work-related manners and individual activity make an extra effect in the ways of relating, meaningful and forecasting human events as all the similar factors that path the event and toughness of...
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