Applying Theoretical Perspective to Curriculum Content

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Pati McLaren
Applying Theoretical Perspective to Curriculum Content
Instructor Marchese
December 2, 2012

Applying Theoretical Perspective to Curriculum Content
There are different lessons that a teacher can use to bring the different theoretical perspectives into the classrooms.
Behaviorists believe that learning is a change in observable behavior brought on by external stimuli in the environment (Reeve 2012). And this change in behavior demonstrates learning. One way to teach and enhance the way a child behaves, act, and responds is to acknowledge when they have been, respectful, responsible, and . Start a program with small “Life Skill” a 3x3 piece of paper that has a place for the child’s name, and the date. On this paper should be areas that can be checked; responsible, respectful, thoughtful, really anything that promotes positive behavior. When a child does something that falls into one of these areas that is noticed and that they have done on their own free will, they will earn a life skill. When the class has earned a certain amount of life skills you can let them have a popcorn party, or an extra recess, whatever it is that drives the children. This promotes positive behavior in and out of the classroom, and shows the student that god things come from good deeds.

Nativists theorize that we are all born with a language acquisition device which helps us learn language as soon as we start hearing it around us (A Basic Introduction to Child Development Theories 2006). A fun activity that can last the whole year is a word wall. This is a spot on a wall that the children can post words and their meanings. If a child comes across a word that they want to share with the rest of the class they write it on a piece of paper, and they also have to write what the word means. These are put up and kept up all year long for other children to look at read and use. It is also fun to have a sharing time, to let the children that have...
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