Explain How Theories of Development and Frameworks to Support Development Influence Current Practice.

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  • Published : August 13, 2012
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There are different views about the way in which psychological and physical development continue throughout our life span. In addition to individual differences, development psychologists agree that development occurs in an orderly way and in different areas at the same time. However it is clear that this can happen continually or discontinually.

Theories of development can influence current practice into childcare as they show us how to understand a child’s developmental processes. It can help us to identify any problems that might arise, whether it is in physical, social, emotional, language or intellectual development.

It also displays a reason into the way that children behave, and how not only internal, but external factors can effect development. Knowing that everyone exhibits the same stages, we do not have to concur with the norm, as they can happen at any time. Everyone should be looked at differently as we all learn at our own rate.

If you look at some of the theories they explain why everyone is capable of achieving the roles they set themselves. Some also help us to understand the driving forces behind our decisions, and that we are governed by inner factors.

Allowing a child to explore its environment, helps to give the child confidence, and encourages self awareness. We can gauge a child’s level of development by providing activities for the child to take part in as well as free play to watch their social and communicative skills. Children should be allowed to learn from mistakes and encouraged to interact with both other children and adults.

Providing that a child has a safe environment in which to learn they should be encouraged to push the boundaries when it comes to education. By providing challenging activities for the child to complete, we as adults help the children in the development process. This is also true for adult learners, as we continue to develop skills throughout our lives.

With help, children can become more, and...
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