Analysis - Research in Motion

Topics: Smartphone, Mobile phone, Research In Motion Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Analysis - RIM

Smart phone has formed a necessity for people in the world. Eight or nine out of ten people may currently use smart phones as their cell phones. In order to meet customer’s demands, many kinds of small and major manufacturers are participated in competition in this market. The real competition has proceeded since 2008. In order to win the intensified and excessive competition among manufacturers, they have had to produce new technology and products without break, thus the rapid growth of the smart phone market is currently somehow daunted. However, some major companies still plan to keep their positions, thus they should always creatively think about new products in such a protean market. Otherwise, they could fail to sustain their existence. For the success and next stages of development in this market, creation and innovation became most important factors. One of major smart phone competitors, RIM (Research in Motion LTD.), known as BlackBerry especially emphasizes importance of innovation as we can see the name of company. For the last decades, most of electronics companies had focused on mass production, thus they paid attention to develop specialized machines for producing as many as possible. In the new generation, RIM newly realized that human would be the most important factor in the process of production. For its human-based management, RIM mainly strategically highlighted four factors; R&D, management flexibility, recruitment, and global management. The software era has come and the importance of hardware has been going down at the same time. It’s the common sense that all kinds of software products are born in the human brain. In order to drill the human intelligence into the products, RIM strengthened to play roles of R&D. RIM spent lots of expenses on R&D and it is huge amount compared to any other competitors. In the short term, somebody tackled the redundant investment for R&D. actually, 35 percent of R&D...
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