Sony Xperia vs Iphone

Topics: IPhone, Mobile phone, Smartphone Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: September 22, 2012
Ishan Gosain
Ms. Pinto
English 10, B-5
The Best Phone in the Market
Nowadays, smart phones, cell phones in general, seem to be something that almost everybody has. They have become almost necessary for a person to have. With the technology of today, cell phones have the ability to perform much more complex tasks than simply making a phone call. Not only are they the supreme form of communication, but smart phones today have the ability to act as a GPS system, a portable video game console, a notebook, and much more. With all the amazing capabilities of these smart phones, the question is; “Which phone is the best purchase decision?”

The most popular phone today, without a doubt, is the Apple iPhone. Anyone who knows anything about smart phones knows of the Apple iPhone. It is very common to see a person with an iPhone in the daily life of a person. Many argue that the Apple iPhone is unquestionably the best phone out there. With its collection of millions of applications, 3G capabilities, Dual-Core Processor, and many other features, it is usually branded as being the best phone out there (VentureBeat).

In most cases, popular seems like best. Instead, sometimes the underdog ends up shining in the lime light. Released in February 2012, the Sony Xperia S might just throw the iPhone off its throne. Many people base arguments of the better phone on their own experience and opinion, but an argument based on no experience and all facts is usually stronger. The following argument exemplifies this. Facts are facts, and between the specifications of the Sony Xperia S and those of the iPhone 4s, it is very easy to see that the Xperia S is the better purchase.

First off, the screen is better. The 4.3 inch screen compared to the iPhone’s 3.5 inch screen allows the user to better enjoy watching videos and playing games. It is 3D capable, unlike the iPhone. It also has a scratch resistant screen which eliminates the need to buy a screen protector to avoid...
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