From Pdas to Smart Phones: the Evolution of an Industry in the Beginning

Topics: Smartphone, IPod Touch, Mobile phone Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: February 12, 2011
From PDAs to Smart Phones: The Evolution of an Industry in the Beginning

Even though PDAs had innovative and sophisticated product designs, companies failed due to several reasons. First, enabling technologies were not up to par and such features as wireless connectivity, greater processing power, longer battery life and replicating streamlined versions of office software compromised the performance and size of the PDA. Another reason was due to the lack of market awareness about the functionality and the future potential of pen-based PDA and the market was still undeveloped in terms of such technology. With the lack of publicity, how would the public see any use for a PDA? This was especially true for a generation that was not technologically driven as we are today. With a device more expensive than desktop systems, it seemed that without proper marketing the public would not understand the need for it. Furthermore, potential users were unsure of the PDA’s performance, compatibility and availability showing how companies failed to address user needs and did not focus on the type of consumer that would most likely buy such a device. In addition to these setbacks, Microsoft stalled the market acceptance of PDA technology when it announced it was planning on a making a PDA, but failed to follow through with it. It is obvious that companies producing PDAs could have developed successful marketing tactics to gain momentum and build a consumer base upon such publicity. However, it can be debated whether the PDA could of survived the emergence of the smart phone. Although many companies such as Momenta and GO failed in the PDA business, Palm proved to be the most victorious. The PalmPilot was successful because the product was fast, simple, and was available for less than $300. With the extinction of PDAS came the launch of the smart phone which created competition among such companies as Research In Motion, Motorola, Samsung, and HTC. However, in 2007,...
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