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Topics: Research, Exploratory research, Scientific method Pages: 7 (2293 words) Published: June 16, 2011

Introduction and background3
Importance of the research3
Scope of the report3
Research problem/question & Objectives3
Methodological considerations and assumptions4
Sample considerations5
Data collection and framework, and analytical considerations5
Ethical considerations5
Findings and Recommendations6

Introduction and background
Importance of the research
As a marketing manager, it is important to know consumers’ attitude towards a certain product which then leads to the intension to purchase and the actual behaviour. The importance of this research is to predict intention of the behaviour, which then leads to the actual behaviour. This report will be seen through the lens of the marketing theory ‘Theory of Planned Behaviour’ (TPB). Kim and Karpova, (2010) suggest the TPB explains how an individual’s attitude towards behaviour, subjective norm, and perceived behavioural control predict intension which in turn leads to behaviour. Furthermore, Zikmund, Ward, Lowe, Winzar, & Babin (2011) suggest that ‘Basic research’ attempts to expand the limits of knowledge, and is conducted to verify the acceptability of a given theory or to learn more about a certain concept. Therefore the importance of this research is to ultimately narrow the research down into something more specific as this research is very broad in scope. Scope of the report

In relation to the scope of the report, Australians over the age of 18 have only been selected to participate in this research, therefore this report excludes the motives of younger teenagers, and the scope of this report is only Australian adults. Furthermore this report only explores the fashion motives of men and women aged up to 29; as a result of this, men and women aged over 29 have been excluded. Also, interviews conducted in this research have only discussed clothes as a fashion product, and so this report only extends to clothes. Research problem/question & Objectives

The research problem is to identify the general motives and behaviours towards fashion, which in turn highlights the purpose of the research which is to identify the determinants of fashion purchasing. The research objectives will gain a clear insight of the research question. The research objectives are: 1. Identity products/brands that consumers see as being fashionable and products that consumers see as being unfashionable. 2. Identify why consumers perceive some products/brands as fashionable and others not? 3. Understand societal values that lead to fashion purchases. 4. Identify motives that influence consumers’ to purchase fashion items. 5. Understand fashion purchase behaviours.

Methodological considerations and assumptions
Christy and Wood (1999) suggest that Qualitative research is characterised as involving intensive research with small samples. It has little emphasis on generalising the sample findings into the population as a whole. Instead, the key focus is typically on the depth of understanding attained within the confines of the sample. Furthermore when the researcher has a limited amount of knowledge about a research issue, qualitative research is a useful preliminary step to help ensure that a more rigorous, conclusive future study will not begin with an inadequate understanding of the nature of the marketing problem (Zikmund, Ward, Lowe, Winzar, & Babin; 2011). Consequently, qualitative research has been performed to gain an adequate insight to the research problem. The importance of this report is to clarify and define the research problem before any further research is conducted. This is a critical step in the research process because not having a clear enough research question/problem can cause significant difficulties in further research. The selection of the research method ultimately...
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