An Exploratory Study to Analyze the Demat and Trading Account Market to Increase the Client Base at Edelweiss

Survey methodology, National Stock Exchange of India, Investment management

Executive Summary
Share trading in India is undergoing a transition and consolidation phase witnessed never before. The competition is likely to become so severe after the entry of many players, retaining a customer is most difficult practice for any service provider.

Though India has a very big untapped market but the players will not flourish unless they change the way the customers are being served. Given the awareness level of today customers every player has to treat with care and make the customer feel that he is the king. Number of Online Share trader in India has crossed the line. More and more customers are coming under this umbrella and many of the existing one are changing pavilion. So customer retention and satisfaction is now more important as it was never before. Players keep coming with new schemes in order to attract new customers and retain the existing one.

This is being supplemented with increased advertising and brand building efforts. Success of any organization depends upon its being proactive. An often quoted marketing adage is to manage a business well is to manage its future and to manage its future is to manage information.” The project that I am involved with while working at “Edelweiss” studies the ways to increase the client base, thus we analyze the investor‟s behavior which includes understanding the concerns a person has towards Stock Market, the investing patterns, research interest and risk appetite. Thus helping the company to improve its product and marketing strategy.

We also have to keep a track of the competition in the market, the database used to tap potential clients, technology used for sales and after sales services and bottlenecks faced by the company.

Table of Contents

Index Introduction Need for study Objective of the study Research Methodology & Data Collection Research design Analysis & Findings of Data collection Limitation Conclusion Recommendations Bibliography Annexure

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