Why Does Belgian Waffles Launch Can Gain a Competitive Advantage in Attaining Uzbek Customers’ Preferences?

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Table of Contents
Belgian waffles3
Literature review3
Research question and objectives4
Research method5
Research strategy5
Data collection methods6
Reliability (Ethics and Accessibility)7
Analysis of findings8
Quantitative analysis8
Qualitative analysis9
Discussion of findings/Practical implementation10
Market research10
SWOT analysis12
Appendix 115
Appendix 216
Appendix 318
Appendix 426

Belgian waffles
Hot, right out of an oven, a little crunchy, served with whipped cream and strawberries, sometimes with caramel, too. That is Belgian waffles I am talking about. They are one of the delicious pastry products made and sold in Belgium streets; and loved by the people over there. Keeping that in mind, a sole entrepreneur Jamshid Rasulov would like to launch a business where he is interested in selling those Belgian waffles (BWs). To be more specific, he is planning to open several fast-cook places where he can sell hot and sweet waffles to people. Since the product is new to the market he expects the product to attain the gap in the market. Also, the business is new to the local market, as well. Hence, Rasulov wants to be sure if he should invest in this business; and before investing, he wants to measure the success of this new idea. Literature review

Originally, the waffles, we know as Belgian waffles, were called Brussels waffles, as Eddy Chavey states in his article on mrbreakfast.com. Also, he pointed out that Maurice Vermersch, a Belgian restaurateur, introduced the Brussels waffles, which were cooked by his wife’s recipe, at the World’s Fair in New York, 1965. On the contrary, Alan Stein specifies that Belgian waffles were primarily introduced in 1962, at the Seattle World’s Fair. Additionally, he says Belgian waffles were firstly served in 1958 in Belgium, at the Brussels World’s Fair. The waffles were, at that time and still are, made of batter mixed with yeast. People design minivans especially for making and selling hot waffles in streets, waffles are hot and fresh right out of ovens. The frozen waffles may be found in retail stores, and not only. Frozen waffles are shipped to foreign countries, as well. As it was stated in the Journal of Marketing (1976) there were about nineteen tons of waffles produced in Belgium in 1974. This shows that mass production of waffles was huge even at that time. Moreover, the production is not really affected by seasonality. According to the desk study, published paper mainly covered the definition of the product and its history. Obviously, that provided literature review does not contain any data from previously conducted researches and lack of relevant information in this field is very huge and our research question is within this research gap.

Research question and objectives


Why does Belgian waffles launch can gain a competitive advantage in attaining Uzbek customers’ preferences?


Work out the major concept of drivers that influence Belgian waffles category.

To explore demographic features of potential customers, their similarities and differences

To identify potential market strength and weaknesses.

To develop a strategic approach to turn future market threats into opportunities

This research was conducted based on both quantitative and qualitative research techniques. On one hand, quantitative research method was used to get a general overview about the attitude of the market towards the fast-food sphere. On the other hand, qualitative method was used to gain more detailed information from consumers who already have tried the product and have a basic understanding about it. Purpose

The main purpose of this research is to gather sufficient information considering the objectives of finding out the rate of awareness of...
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