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Topics: Project management, Management, Gantt chart Pages: 11 (3326 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Table of Contents
Task 11
2.Research strategy:2
3.Data collection methods:3
3.1Primary data collection method:3
3.2Secondary data collection method:3
4.Resources/Data Access:4
5.How and Why:4
Task 25
1.Project Plan:5
Work break down structure (WBS)6
2.Understanding the instructions:6
3.Managing Time Effectively As a Post Graduate Learner:7
4.Gant chart:7
5.Collection of information:8
6.Write a more detailed plan:9
7.Getting Started, Editing the work, proofreading the draft and the final edit9
Task 310
Critical Reflection Report:10

Task 1
Develop a research strategy explaining EXACTLY how you will find relevant academic material to help you with THIS SPECIFIC ASSIGNMENT, i.e. specific search ‘strategies’ & ‘search terms’, which databases & journals you will query, how & why, etc. 1. Introduction:

An assignment is a task that is given to testify a student’s knowledge regarding a particular subject or topic which he/she is asked to produce as a part of his/her academic course and this assignment is usually assessed. However, there are different kinds of assignments given during the course such as theoretical assignments, practical assignments containing theory and some practical approach by conducting primary research for example, development of business plan (Bell, 2002). The student/researcher when given an assignment should first develop an understanding of the contents of the assignment and then should develop a research strategy according to which he/she can start and complete the given assignment. Apart from developing a research strategy for the assignment another important which needs to be considered is the mode of data collection and the sources from where the data for the particular assignment could be gathered. Further the writer needs to keep in mind the length/word count of the assignment, the kind of report required whether an essay is asked to write or a report that might be containing headings, diagrams, charts and graphs (Bell and Chan, 2005). 2. Research strategy:

“A research strategy is a plan of action that gives direction to your efforts, enabling you to conduct research systematically rather than haphazardly” (Bain, 2000). The following research strategy will be employed to conduct the current assignment: * Thorough study of the topic and related subjects prior to starting the assignment. * Understanding the requirements of the assignment

* Thinking of such ideas that can make the assignment different from others. * Inquiring yourself as what do I want to do in the assignment? * Collecting data through browsing different sources.

* Locating a specific piece of information
* Retrieving all the related material on the given subject Further, for the current assignment the research strategy adopted by the writer would be based on the requirements of the assignment. As the assignment requires the development of such a strategy which will help the writer to find the academic material for the current assignment. However the following ways will be utilized to collect data. 3. Data collection methods:

The most widely used data collection methods are:
* Primary data collection method
* Secondary data collection method
4.1 Primary data collection method:
Primary data is usually present in raw form or in the original form which the researcher collects by employing different methods such as questionnaire, observations, and focus groups, personal and telephonic interviews. This kind of data is not used previously in any research or by anyone. However for the current study this kind of data collection method would not be required as the current assignment does not require any such data that requires the development of questionnaire, conducting interviews or observations (Kumar and...
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