Describe How Study Skills Can Support Your Learning During Your Training

Topics: Learning, Study skills, Skill Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: January 27, 2011
E7 – describe how study skills can support your learning during your training Thursday, 07 October 2010
Study skills are abilities and approaches that are applied to peoples learning. They are relevant throughout peoples lives in order for them to retain all different kinds of information and to help them succeed and develop in many ways. It is very useful to know all the different kinds of ways in which people study, as this then helps you to expand the way in which you yourself studies and learns. Kinaesthetic people learn from doing, for example they would learn a lot more from participating in an experiment rather than watching one. Whereas visual learners earn from seeing, so they would be more opposite to kinaesthetic. Audio learners learn from hearing, they would learn more from being talked through an experiment and listening to someone. Whereas reading/writing learners would rather get all their own information from books or the internet etc and write down everything they think they need to know in order to learn. It can be very important to know your own learning style in order to help you try different ways, as no learning technique is permanent, preferences can change. One of the most common ways in which people learn is from being multimodal, this is good because it combines all of the different styles together. Being a multimodal learner is very good because it means that you can apply the different ways to learn to all different kinds of activities. It means there is a wider range of ways to learn for example, experiments, mind maps, lists, notes, CD roms, videos etc. All these different ways to learn are important throughout life to learn different skills. This will become relevant when on placement because being able to participate in all the different activities that
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