Exploratory Research Paper of Australia Fashion Purchase Behavior

Topics: Marketing, Clothing, Fashion Pages: 12 (2425 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Marketing and Audience Research

Exploratory Research Report

Executive Summary

This report investigates the fashion clothing purchase behavior by examines the drivers such as perception and motivation. Four adults have participated in this research, in order to complete an interview which conducted under QUT guidelines, and transcripts collected have been used as thematic analysis for further process. Some major findings and recommendations generate after data analysis of interview transcript. Notwithstanding that fashion is subjective, Researcher discovered commonality that consumers tend to perceive a brand value with its price, and higher price implicates better quality and value. However most of the consumers reveal the price of designer clothes is overpriced; therefore manager should emphasis on branding, social media and pricing strategies. In spite of some limitations have untaken during this research, some major findings and recommendations are constructive and contribute to further research on fashion purchase behavior.

1.0 Introduction and Background

1.1 Importance of the research
Exploratory research is an investigation into a problem or situation which provides insights to the researcher (Clow & James, 2013). By comprehending fashion purchase behavior, particular strategies and consumption influences can be applied in the market. Thus, Purchase behavior differs by individual consumers, it would be arduous to clarify consumer behavior without understanding how people process information and they act subsequently (Jansson-Boyd, 2010). In process of research, it provides profound perception of consumers’ attitude towards fashion clothing purchase behavior.

1.2 Scope of the report
Aims on the drivers of consumer purchasing fashion clothing, this investigation include consumers’ perception on behavior of fashion purchase. The data were collected through four English speaking interviewees in Australia individually. Among all interview, one interview has been recorded and transcribed, the rest were downloaded from data system. Nevertheless, area limitation exists while all interviews are all took place in Australia. Thus, the transcripts have been analyzed due to time limitation.

1.3 Research problem/question
Mass marketing and market segmenting are two distinct approaches to market a width range of consumers. This research would examine particular drivers of fashion clothing purchase behavior for further research.

1.4 Aims and Objectives
The aim of this research is to qualitatively explore the drivers of fashion clothing purchase behavior. Specifically, the research identifies five objectives.

1) To identify which types of clothing perceive as fashionable and unfashionable. 2) To identify why consumers perceive some clothing as fashionable and others as unfashionable. 3) To understand societal values that lead to fashion clothing purchases 4) To identify motives that influence consumers to purchase fashion clothing 5) To understand fashion clothing purchase behaviors.

2.0 Method

2.1 Methodological considerations and assumptions

This report adopts the method of exploratory research, which is “designed to clarify the research problem and aims to inform the process and to become immersed in the problem and its potential solution” (Cox, Housden, Parkinson & Mckee, 2009). In terms of the drivers of fashion clothing purchase, an exploratory research can leads to topic concentration and problem clarification. However, it requires further research because exploratory research cannot provide definitive actions conclusively.

This research assumed interview in order for data collection. “Interview can closely approximate the spontaneity of a natural conversation” (Krishnaswami & Satyaprasad, 2010). Conversely, quality of interview is relied on the interviewer's assessment skills. It is complicated and would have the possibility to stray into...
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