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Chapter 1 Introduction to E-commerce
Define e-commerce and describe how it differs from e-business. Identify and describe the unique features of e-commerce technology and discuss their business significance.
Recognize and describe Web 2.0 applications.
Describe the major types of e-commerce.
Discuss the origins and growth of e-commerce.
Explain the evolution of e-commerce from its early years to today. Identify the factors that will define the future of e-commerce. Describe the major themes underlying the study of e-commerce. Identify the major academic disciplines contributing to e-commerce.

Key Terms
e-commerce, p.47
e-business, p. 47
information asymmetry, p.49
marketplace, p.49
ubiquity, p.49
marketspace, p.49
reach, p.49
universal standards, p.51
richness, p.51
interactivity, p.52
information density, p.52
personalization, p.53
customization, p.53
Web 2.0, p.54
Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce, p.56
Business-to-Business (B2B) e-commerce, p.56
Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) e-commerce, p.57
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) e-commerce, p.58
mobile commerce (m-commerce), p.58
Internet, p.58
World Wide Web (Web), p.59
disintermediation, p.68
friction-free commerce, p.68
first mover, p.69
network effect, p.69


Brief Chapter Outline
Opening Case: Facebook: The New Face of E-commerce?
1.1 E-commerce: The Revolution Is Just Beginning
The First Thirty Seconds
What Is E-commerce?
The Difference between E-commerce and E-business
Why Study E-commerce?
Eight Unique Features of E-commerce Technology
Web 2.0: Play My Version
Types of E-commerce
Growth of the Internet and the Web
Origins and Growth of E-commerce
Technology and E-commerce in Perspective
Insight on Technology: Spider Webs, Bow Ties, Scale-Free Networks, and the Deep Web Potential Limitations on the Growth of B2C E-commerce
1.2 E-commerce: A Brief History
E-commerce 1995-2000: Innovation
Insight on Business: ‘Noodlenomics’ Guides Internet Investment in 2010 E-commerce 2001-2006: Consolidation
E-commerce 2006-Present: Reinvention
Assessing E-commerce: Successes, Surprises, and Failures
Predictions for the Future: More Surprises
1.3 Understanding E-commerce: Organizing Themes
Technology: Infrastructure
Business: Basic Concepts
Society: Taming the Juggernaut
Insight on Society: Who Really Cares About Online Privacy?
Academic Disciplines Concerned with E-commerce
1.4 Case Study: The Pirate Bay: Stealing Media vs. Streaming Media 1.5 Review
Key Concepts

Figure 1.1 The Difference between E-commerce and E-business, p.48 Figure 1.2 The Changing Trade-Off Between Richness and Reach, p.52 Figure 1.3 The Growth of the Internet, Measured by the Number of Internet Hosts with Domain Names, p.59

Figure 1.4 The Growth of B2C E-commerce, p.61
Figure 1.5 The Growth of B2B E-commerce, p.64
Figure 1.6 Mobile Internet Access in the United States, p.66 Figure 1.7 Amounts Raised by Internet-Related Venture-Backed Firms, p.68 Figure 1.8 Share of Retail Online Sales by Type of Company, p. 75 Figure 1.9 The Internet and the Evolution of Corporate Computing, p.80


Figure 1.10 Disciplines Concerned with E-commerce, p.85

Table 1.1 Major Trends in E-commerce, 2010-2011, p.44-45
Table 1.2 Eight Unique Features of E-commerce Technology, p.50 Table 1.3 Major Types of E-commerce, p.57
Table 1.4 Limitations on the Growth of B2C E-commerce, p.65
Table 1.5 Evolution of E-commerce, p.74
Table 1.6 Online Retail Sales by Category, 2009, p.77
Table 1.7 Top 25 Online Retailers Ranked by Online Sales, p.78

End of Chapter Questions
1. What is e-commerce? How does it differ from e-business? Where does it intersect with e-business? E-commerce, in the popular sense, can be defined as: The use of the Internet and the Web to conduct business transactions. A more technical definition would be: E-commerce involves digitally enabled commercial transactions between and among organizations and...
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