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Bajaj Pulsar is a motorcycle brand owned by Bajaj Auto in India. A dream ride for many of the Indian youngsters, which rode Bajaj on a success rope for over a decade. * What made Pulsar connect to the yound blood of India?

* What was that Midas touch, Bajaj gave to Pulsar?
* Why does Pulsar have an edge over other performace oriented bikes? In the course of this literature, we will answer all the above questions, and throw some light on the success story of Pulsar, evoulution of Pulsar, marketing strategies Bajaj has employed to promote their product and much more. History of Bajaj

Bajaj Auto Limited is India's largest manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles. The company generally has lagged behind its Japanese rivals in technology, but has invested heavily to catch up. Its strong suit is high-volume production; it is the lowest-cost scooter maker in the world. Although publicly owned, the company has been controlled by the Bajaj family since its founding. It is based in Pune, Maharashtra, with plants in Chakan (Pune), Waluj (near Aurangabad) and Pantnagar (Uttaranchal). The oldest plant at Akurdi (Pune) now houses the R&D centre ahead. Bajaj Auto makes and exports automobiles scooters, motorcycles and the auto rickshaw. Over the last decade, the company has successfully changed its image from a scooter manufacturer to a two wheeler manufacturer. Its product range encompasses scooterettes, scooters and motorcycles. Its real growth in numbers has come in the last four years after successful introduction of a few models in the motorcycle segment. Bajaj has grown operations in 50 countries by creating a line of value-for-money bikes targeted to the different preferences of entry-level buyers. Bajaj soon hit the common man’s seat with its very popular slogan ‘Hamara Bajaj’, sweeping the then market with its Chetak.

Bajaj’s Experiment with Motor-Cycles

The Bajaj M-50 debuted in 1981. The new fuel-efficient, 50cc motorcycle was immediately successful, and the company aimed to be able to make 60,000 of them a year by 1985. Capacity was the most important constraint for the Indian motorcycle industry.

 The sales of motorcycle started rising in 1990’s decade and by 1999 the motorcycle sales overtook scooter sales for the first time. It was clear indication of shift of consumer preference towards motorcycle. Hero Honda which was established in 1984 by Hero group and Honda Motor Corporation of Japan were ripping the benefit of this trend. It was tough time for Bajaj Auto who only knows to produce two stroke scooters and three wheelers. Adding to that the scooter sales was falling at rapid speed. Motorcycle Boom (Sales in Millions)

The Bajaj Sunny was launched in 1990; the Kawasaki Bajaj 4S Champion followed a year later. About this time, the Indian government was initiating a program of market liberalization, doing away with the old 'license raj' system, which limited the amount of investment any one company could make in a particular industry. By 1994, Bajaj also was contemplating high-volume, low-cost car manufacture. Several of Bajaj's rivals were looking at this market as well, which was being rapidly liberalized by the Indian government. Bajaj Auto produced one million vehicles in the 1994-95 fiscal year. The company was the world's fourth largest manufacturer of two-wheelers, behind Japan's Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki. New models included the Bajaj Classic and the Bajaj Super Excel. Bajaj also signed development agreements with two Japanese engineering firms; Kubota and Tokyo R&D. 'You just can't beat a Bajaj,' stated the company's marketing slogan. The Kawasaki Bajaj Boxer and the RE diesel Auto rickshaw were introduced in 1997....
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