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The Bajaj Group was founded in 1926 by Jamnalal Bajaj and now consists of 27 companies. In 1945, Jamnalal Bajaj had formed M/s Bach raj Trading Corporation Private Limited, the flagship company, to sell imported two-wheelers and three-wheelers. The company acquired license from the government in 1959 to manufacture these vehicles and went public the next year. By 1977, the company saw its plant rolling out 100000 vehicles in a single year. In another nine years, Bajaj Auto could produce 500,000 vehicles in a year. The present Chairman of the Bajaj group, Rahul Bajaj, took charge of the business in 1965. He was the first licensee of the Indian make of the Italian Vespa scooter. Japanese and Italian scooter companies began entering the Indian market in the early 1980s. Although some boasted superior technology and flashier brands, Bajaj Auto had built up several advantages in the previous decades. Its customers liked the durability of the product and the ready availability of maintenance; the company's distributors permeated the country. By 1994-95, Bajaj was racing to beat Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki in the two-wheeler segment internationally. By 1997, Bajaj faced tough competition in the domestic market and its market share stood at 40.5%. Under the leadership of Rahul Bajaj, the turnover of Bajaj Auto has gone up from Rs.72 million to Rs.46.16 billion(USD 936 million), its product portfolio has expanded from one to many and the brand has found a global market. Bajaj as a brand is well-known across several countries in Latin America, Africa, Middle East, South and South East Asia. The company has a network of 498 dealers and over 1,500 authorized service centers and 162 exclusive three-wheeler dealers spread across the country. Bajaj has identified a segment of customers called 'Probikers', who are knowledgeable about motorbikes and appreciative of contemporary technology. They are trendsetters and very choosy about what they ride. Hence, Probikers need to be addressed in a meaningful way that goes beyond the product. Bajaj Auto is in the process of setting up a chain of retail stores across the country exclusively for high-end, performance Bikes. These stores are called ―Bajaj pro biking". Fifty two such stores have been opened across India. Catering to demand in this sector requires a strong and effective distribution network as consumers are more demanding and expect Indian rural presence, designing an efficient distribution system becomes a complex task even efficient distribution system.

·Two Wheeler Industry
·Nature of Business
·Backward Analysis
·Company Flashback
·Company Profile
·Quick facts
·Group of company
·Mission and Vision
·Culture and Activity
·Brand Essence
·Brand Value
·Organizational Structure
·Bajaj the Turning Point
·Bajaj Fight Back
·The fall In Icon
·Change In communication Strategy
·SWOT analysis
·Product Profile
·Industry’s Sale of Two Wheeler
·Other Two Wheelers
·Three Wheeler
·Distribution Network
·Positioning Strategies
·Discover on track
·Brand positioning
·Global presence of Bajaj
·Supply Chain Management
·Financial analysis of Bajaj auto
·Recent news on Bajaj
Bajaj Auto is a major Indian auto mobile manufacturer started by a Rajasthan merchant. It is world's fourth largest manufacturer of two- wheelers and India's second largest two wheeler manufacturer and the world's 4th largest two- and three-wheeler maker. It is based in Pune, Maharashtra, with plants in Akurdi and Chakan (Pune), Waluj (near Aurangabad and Pantnagarin Uttaranchal. Bajaj Auto maker and exports motor scooters, motorcycles and the auto rickshaw. The Forbes Global 2000list for the year 2005 ranked Bajaj Auto at 1946.Over the last decade, the company has...
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