Acquiring Human Resources

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* In the hottest sectors of India’s booming economy, HR concerns are one of the key business issues that companies are dealing with. * For many companies in highly competitive sectors, a lack of talented workers constitutes a “make-or-break” HR issue, which makes the value of good HR management readily apparent to top executives. * The profession, as a result, is gaining both respect and attention—the kind that comes from being on the hot seat. There are the 4 basic types of recruitments:

1). Employment agencies: deal with clerical, trades, temporary and temporary to hire employment opportunities. 2) Recruitment websites: Used to gather as many candidates as possible by advertising a position over a wide geographic area 3) Headhunters: for executive and professional positions. These firms are either contingency or retained. Although advertising is used to keep a flow of candidates these firms rely on networking as their main source of candidates. 4). Niche agencies: Specialize in a particular industrial area of staffing. The Process of recruitment can be seen below:

Identify Vacancy

Prepare Job description and Person specification

Advertising the Vacancy

Managing the response

Short listing

Arrange interviews

Conducting interview and decision making

Now once this tedious process of recruitment is done and once the new employee has joined work he needs to undergo an INDUCTION program; an induction program is a type of training given as an initial preparation upon taking up a post. To help new people get to work in it. An attempt is made to introduce the individual to key employees and give an impression of the culture of the organization. Problems with Induction 

It tends to be full of formal, often legislative based information that the average recipient will absorb little and retain even less of what is covered. Such organization-driven Induction is generally so formulaic that it misses a...
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